SUNNY Scituate!

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After arriving Thursday afternoon, we looked forward to a stay-put day in Scituate and a sunny one! I much prefer the S-word to the F-word. 😉 The name Scituate originates from an Indian word which the early settlers understood as Satuit, … Continued

Disappearing into the Fog

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Taking a boat to Maine has been on our bucket list for years. After the canceled trip to Quebec last year, we decided this was the summer to cross Maine off the list and get it done. Magnolia was coming … Continued

Unexpected B.O.A.T.

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When we acquire a new (to us) boat there has always been a list of projects to do. Our Kadey Krogen 39 was a lovely boat just as she was, but there were a few projects that made her more … Continued

In the Water

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We still have prep work to do on the boat, but it is so much nicer to do those chores when you are floating in the water. The weather was looking reasonably nice for an overnight at the dock. In … Continued

2021 LAUNCH !

When April arrives, thoughts turn to “Launch Day”, scheduled for May 10th. When April arrives I go back to Kindred Spirit, not before. Why? Because Al tears the boat apart while simultaneously working on all of his winter projects and … Continued

Diesel Bug

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We knew when we bought the boat in 2019 that there was a fuel issue because the filters were partially clogged. We had the voyage from Virginia to Connecticut ahead of us, but Al was not overly concerned because he … Continued