Through the Eyes of Children

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We enjoyed our cruise to Maine, but there is nothing as special as grandchildren. I missed them. I always do. Now that they are getting older we can share our love of the water and boats with them.

Caleb, 7 years old, and sister Cecily, 4¾ years old, met the new Kindred Spirit last summer. This time, they were visiting us without parents and we decided a day on the water would be fun. These two treat the boat like a giant playscape, dashing here and there, checking every corner and space out. I don’t quite understand why, but they love the engine room (just like Papa does!) It is the first thing they do when they step aboard. 

Checking out the spaces in the engine room with a tiny lesson on checking the oil in the engine.

The spiral staircase down to the cabin concerned me. I worried that I would fall down it last summer, so little ones dashing up and down were a concern for me. LOL, why????? 

My worries were pointless. They treat the spiral staircase like a climbing gym.

The dinghy holds a special fascination for little people. Instead of taking Kindred Spirit out for the day, we decided to dinghy over to Pine Island’s little “beach” (that’s a generous use of the word) to play. It was one of those brutally hot and humid days, even on the shoreline. 

Dinghy ride!!!!!

Spending the afternoon there was perfect. Brother and sister entertained themselves and us non-stop.

Beach play on the rocks and finding driftwood.
They tried to catch schools of tiny bait fish with buckets – not possible, but very entertaining. Then they practiced casting with the toy fishing poles we had.
Ceci perfected her technique of climbing into the dinghy from the water.
They kept themselves busy, in and out of the dinghy. Made it pretty easy for us to watch and applaud from the beach, 20 feet away.

We didn’t imagine Caleb and Ceci would then combine forces to move the dinghy around. Caleb pulled up the anchor and they dragged the boat to the beach. Then they both pushed it back out again. And repeat. And again.

Pulling and pushing the dinghy. Best.Toy. Ever.

Papa gave Caleb his first dinghy driving lesson when we returned to the dock. This was one serious 7-year old as he listened to his grandfather’s instructions.

Caleb’s first dinghy driving lesson. Not bad at all for 7 years old. I struggle to remember which way to move the engine tiller!
Feeding hot dogs to the SYC striped bass is a must on every visit.

One day after that visit, Caleb and Ceci’s cousin, Addison, with her parents, my son Adam and his wife Steph, joined us for a day on the water. This was their first visit to the new Kindred Spirit. The weather forecast was changing by the minute but never improving. It was an overcast day with sprinkles a few times. But that didn’t dampen anyone’s spirits.

Like her cousins, Addie wanted to explore the boat. Off to the flybridge to see what was up there and then out to the bow. Yes, she needed foul weather gear.

We collectively decided to take the short ride over to West Harbor on Fishers Island. The weather wasn’t good enough to hang around on the dock, and it wasn’t bad enough not to go out.

Addie and Papa used the headsets for a chat before Nana needed hers at the helm.

We anchored in West Harbor and enjoyed lunch onboard. You can guess what was next – dinghy ride!

Papa took us all out for a ride around West Harbor.
Addie has a smile that lights up even the gloomiest day.
All the kids love these toy fishing poles. It’s a great way to begin casting and reeling in. (I say that as though I know something about fishing which I do not!)

And then it was FAST dinghy ride time! Adam was not about to miss this, but Steph and I decided to stay on Kindred Spirit. Truthfully, this little dinghy would never plane off with all of us in it.

Looks like fun!
Oh yes, it is certainly fun. Look at that face.
The SYC striped bass were fed again. I only had organic “healthy” hot dogs. Lucky fish.

I can’t describe how much we enjoyed both visits. I wish it could happen more often. The only way to end this blog post is to share a drawing that Caleb made of Kindred Spirit. He worked at the salon table and stepped outside to check on different features, including the number of portholes in the cabin, the round porthole, and the blue kayak on the flybridge. This is going to be framed.

Kindred Spirit as seen through the eyes of Caleb.

  1. Susie

    Looks like you had a great crew. Your Caleb and Ceci are the exact same age as our Graham and Cora. They love the boat too. I love your new artwork.

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