Where is Kindred Spirit?

 Marine Traffic is based on the signal sent out by our AIS (when turned on) and shows our location in real time, as we are traveling. In addition to the location, there is also information about the boat, our speed, and track. You can zoom in and out and recenter the map as well. The AIS works fine on the boat which is the whole point of having it, but the land stations that pick up the AIS signals and share them on this Marine Traffic website don’t function as well. The signal is sometimes intermittent and can disappear depending on how close a signal tower is to our location. Sorry (although it isn’t my fault) that you can’t really rely on this for an answer to “Where is Kindred Spirit?

During our two trips to the Bahamas I recorded our location each time we stopped in a port or harbor using this Google map. It is nice to have a visual record of the stops here for reference.

2015 Southbound Trip

  • Click on any point and it will give the date, port, and nautical miles traveled.
  • Click on the little box in the upper left corner for a drop-down menu of the stops.

Map from our 2013-2014 trip:

  • Red points are southbound, green ones are the return trip (that ended when we left our Morgan 43 to be sold in Florida.
  • Click on any point and it will give the date, port, nautical miles and hours.

5 thoughts on “Where is Kindred Spirit?

  1. Hello from Panama

    We just sent you an email, just before we found your blog! Congratulations for casting off and heading South, as we discussed when we met in Block island 4 years ago. We are in the San Blas islands, off Panama and plan to transit the canal in March. Is your email address still the same?

  2. What a fabulous rainbow picture! A prize winner if I ever saw one – next time you go on a trip like this, I will be a stow-away! It looks just glorious.
    Karen (14 balmy degrees today – Wed., 1/8/14)

  3. What a great trip – The pix of the boat are great – looks very inviting.
    Dick and i loved Fernandina Beach off of Jacksonville, FL – we went on a few golf trips to Amelia Island – love it there. Also I was in Vero in late October – just missed you guys!
    This is a true adventure. Keep having a great time.
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

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