Those In-Between Months: Chilly but Filled with the Warmth of Family

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Boaters in New England live from season to season, even more than other Yankees.  Many of us enjoy the changing seasons we experience here and would never want to move south permanently. I know I do.  However, as boaters, we do anticipate spring and summer with an eagerness unmatched by fellow land dwellers. 

Covid was (is??) still lurking and raising its head with Omicron variants. With the positivity rate increasing again in Connecticut, we continue to wear a mask in public indoor spaces and only occasionally eat indoors in a restaurant. Thanks to the vaccines, it was a better winter than 2020-2021 because we were able to spend time in person with our family and close friends. That alone makes the world a better place.

Be patient with me because I have to share some non-boating photos. 😍🥰

We stayed close to home through the winter months to avoid exposure to the virus, but we did make a couple trips to visit my mother who is now 89 years old. We saw her for her birthday in November and also a spring visit, but Mother’s Day was virtual – see me in the iPad.  

We do “see” each other on our frequent FaceTime calls, but it was so good to see Mom in person again. There’s nothing like a real hug from my mother. Visiting with my sister, Lisa, and her wife Jeanne makes the visit extra special.

Christmas 2021 was destined to be a HUGE improvement over 2020.  To celebrate a return to family holidays, we began a new tradition with gingerbread house building. Caleb is 7, his sister Cecily is 5 years, and cousin Addison is 5½ years old – definitely old enough to decorate their own houses, but we figured the actual construction was best done ahead by Nana and Papa Al.

Although there was a lot of preparation for the big day, it was so worth it. The grands enjoyed every moment, as did we!
Proudly displaying the finished creations – Caleb, Addie, and Ceci.

With an extended family of in-laws and step-families, the holidays can be a challenge to organize. Christmas Eve has always been my “day.” The menu changes depending on my whim, but the love and shared togetherness is always there.

Ryan, Kerri, Caleb and Ceci
Stephanie, Adam and Addie
There is no better Christmas gift than being with my sons, their wives and my grandchildren.

Spending time with my grandchildren, being able to help out when needed – these are the moments that are priceless, whether a special event or just an ordinary day.

Making pizzas
Papa Al and Addie build a house together, at her request. It then became her leprechaun catching trap. Leprechauns are tricky and he escaped.
Outdoor adventures with Caleb and Ceci. They just couldn’t resist the little stream near the playground.

In April my sons and their wives both had events on the same weekend so we said we will have the three cousins overnight!  The first “Cousins Sleepover” was born. Will this become a new tradition? I sure hope so! It was the week before Easter so activities were planned around that theme. All the stars aligned to create a weekend of pure joy. And pandemonium. 😳😃

We made bird’s nests from rice krispie treats and candy eggs. Messy, but so much fun and so tasty!
Decorating bags to carry their Easter treats home.
And the Easter egg hunt!
A mid-February dinner at the Dogwatch Cafe in Stonington with Mary Jo and Dean. It may not always be logical but on a rare occasion we threw caution (and masks) to the wind just to be with good friends.
Sam and Kayda stopped over night on the way from Georgia/Florida to home in Maine. We are ALWAYS delighted to serve as their stopover hotel!!

A visit to Delaware to see Al’s daughter and family was a special treat for us. They are a busy household with four children, aged 1½, 4, 9 and 12, and we don’t get to see them as often we wish.

Aaron, Liam, Alivia, and Ella
These four are always moving so it was hard to get good still photos of them during our visit. We do seem to have plenty of videos. 😉
Alivia, Liam, Aaron, and Ella
This big rectangular swing holds all four kids while Mom Alicia gives it a good push.

This was an easy winter to survive. Weather-wise, it was pretty uneventful from my perspective. Family-wise, it was grrrreeeaaaatttt!

Mystic, CT – a close destination for getting out of the house and to be near the water. Oh! And to have ice cream, too!
We are looking ahead to boating season.

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