First Overnight of the 2022 Season

Although we had that day trip shakedown West Harbor last week, we grabbed an opportunity to have an overnight shakedown trip to Watch Hill with the bonus of overlapping for a day with Cutting Class.  We left Shennecossett on Memorial Day. Really, on the holiday, you ask? Was that wise? 

Nice day as we traveled east down Fishers Island Sound.

Just ahead of us, as we approached Sandy Point, we watched a sweet little catboat get tossed about by extremely rude power boatthat have no regard for others on the water. This makes me crazy! We slowed down so that we gave no wake to the small sailing craft. We waved and he shouted, “Thank you for not swamping us!” We get it, we were once sailors, but honestly, there is just no reason why a power boat must speed past a small slower boat especially in close quarters. 

As we looked back, more fast boats were passing the little sailboat.

As we rounded Sandy Point to enter the channel to Napatree, it was clear that high fuel prices did not stop these people from a beautiful day on the water. I guess it hasn’t stopped us either. 😉 Yet.

It’s party time on the water!

The photos don’t do justice to the number of boats. This narrow island was lined with “wall-to-wall” boats and people.

The usual route from SYC to Napatree.

Once anchored, I looked around and counted. There were easily 70 boats anchored at Napatree.  It did not last long. It was the end of the holiday weekend and most of the boats left by dinner. We had a quiet afternoon and evening and enjoyed the solitude as the sun set.

Al’s latest “invention” – an old towel used as a bib to protect the interior fiberglass and teak deck from any grease while grilling.
A Napatree sunset never disappoints.
Bright lights of the Ocean House and Watch Hill sparkle on the water.

Tuesday’s forecast was HOT for inland, but it was a very nice morning here at Napatree.

We do enjoy having our morning coffee in the cockpit.
YEAH! Cutting Class arrives at Napatree. Just in time for us all to head to the beach.
Someone(s) were busy over the holiday weekend. Is it a beach bar?
Kindred Spirit in the distance over the dunes.
Marcia and I enjoying our first beach day of the season. No crowds here!
Marcia, Al, and Dan.

After a couple hours of perfect beach time we returned to the boats just before the winds kicked up and the clouds covered the sky.

Kindred Spirit and Cutting Class. It is so nice to see our boats hanging out together again. 😄
We spent the afternoon bouncing about on our boats as the winds cranked higher and then gathered together again on Kindred Spirit for dinner, a delicious shrimp dish prepared by Marcia.
That’s obviously not the actual spill, just an image for effect. There is no time to take a photo when disaster strikes.

There was an unexpected oops before dinner. I (yes, it was me) accidentally spilled my red wine on ……… yes, the new ultra leather cushion. 😩😳🥴 Sharp intakes of breath were heard throughout the salon, followed by panic and a rush to grab anything to blot it up.

Well, well, well, ultra leather lived up to all the hype. A few thorough swipes, blots, and dabs and the red wine disappeared. Simply amazing.
I’m A Believer!

Although the sky was overcast, the winds were much calmer on Wednesday so the four of us decided to dinghy into Watch Hill for a walk.
This mansion on Bluff Avenue is undergoing a major renovation. You can see right through it. It appears that they may be saving only the front architecture design. As we walked, we noticed a number of homes undergoing extensive remodeling.
Sure is a bit quieter along the channel on the homeward bound trip.
UCONN at Avery Point ahead and we are almost home. It was a very nice 3-day shakedown. Everything worked!

Time to get ready for the first real cruise of the summer.

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  1. Kimberly Boneham

    My jaw dropped when I read about your red wine spill. That’s wonderful that Ultraleather works as advertised!

    • watsons

      I didn’t really want to test it the soon, but at least it is over and done with now. Like when you get a scratch on a new car. 🙂

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