Volcanos – Bend, Oregon

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We switched things up for our Friday evening dinner. Instead of beer and pub fare, Tim and Amanda took us to one of their favorite restaurants, Sen. Sen translates to noodle, or thread, in Thai. The owners of Sen have translated their family’s favorite Thai … Continued

Never Say Never

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“Never say never.”  is used to say that a person “should not say that he or she will never do something because people change their minds” OR “Anything can happen; meaning a certain option should not be totally dismissed.” I have … Continued

Short, But Special

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Al’s son, Tim, and his wife Amanda now live on the West Coast in Oregon after 10 years of wandering the country in their 25-foot Airstream. Their blog, Watson’s Wander, is an amazing record of their travels across the United … Continued

Nine On A 39

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There is a saying (I have no idea who gets credit for it) that, no matter what the size, a boat can handle six for dinner, four for drinks, but only sleeps two. That may well be, but our Kadey Krogen … Continued