2021 LAUNCH !

When April arrives, thoughts turn to “Launch Day”, scheduled for May 10th. When April arrives I go back to Kindred Spirit, not before. Why? Because Al tears the boat apart while simultaneously working on all of his winter projects and … Continued

Diesel Bug

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We knew when we bought the boat in 2019 that there was a fuel issue because the filters were partially clogged. We had the voyage from Virginia to Connecticut ahead of us, but Al was not overly concerned because he … Continued

A “Grands” Visit

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This probably counts towards another “dock potatoes” event, but I think it deserves its very own post. My son and his family came to see the new boat and hopefully go out for a ride. Alas, the winds were just … Continued

“Dock Potatoes”

That caught your attention, didn’t it? “Dock Potatoes” as in “Couch Potatoes.” Joan, the new admiral of Kindred Spirit #3, used this phrase which is much kinder than the phrase “dock scum,” which we had previously heard. That’s how I … Continued