Nine On A 39

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There is a saying (I have no idea who gets credit for it) that, no matter what the size, a boat can handle six for dinner, four for drinks, but only sleeps two. That may well be, but our Kadey Krogen 39 had plenty of room for lots of family fun – two grandparents, a family of four and a family of three.

School has begun, but Labor Day weekend had the best weather we have seen in a long time. Sunshine, breeze, and low humidity. We were all thrilled that we could squeeze this day in for everyone. My usual warning — this post will be plastered in photos of the grandchildren.

While waiting for her cousins to arrive, Addie prepped the hot dogs to be fed to the striped bass at the dock.

This is a MUST activity whenever they come to visit at the boat. All the adults took note that there seemed to be more stripers than ever. They hide under the docks to stay out of the sun but there must be a look-out posted because as soon as we stepped towards the edge, out they come in force!

As soon as we boarded children and adults, we left the dock for a short ride. The kids LOVE hanging out on the bow while underway. I will confess that this Nana worries about that. The Kadey Krogen is quite safe but visions of someone toppling overboard danced in my head. It was an extremely calm day or this would never be allowed, but I guess I am still a worrywart.

After the short ride and we returned to our mooring by Pine Island.

Plenty of crew to pick up that mooring!
Those toy fishing poles always keep them busy, too. I am wondering when it might be time to invest in real poles?

Within a very short time, as the kids were changing into their swimsuits, we heard a piercing scream from below and jumbled words, “finger…. caught…. hatch.” Oh my, the visions in my head were horrible. Fortunately, the culprit was not a hatch, but rather the head door. Ceci’s finger got caught and the poor little dear was scared and in pain. As Mommy comforted her and tried to get a look at the injury, I pulled out the heavy duty first aid kit, expecting the worst. We wrapped it and secured it with a finger from a rubber glove. In the end, the injury was not all that bad and Ceci, trooper that she is, was soon running about with her cousin and brother.

Papa distracted the other two with a fast dinghy ride.
Ceci calmly discusses her finger injury with Uncle Adam and shows it off for photos. 😉 I now know that blood and chocolate easily wipe off of the ultraleather seats. Ceci needed a chocolate chip cookie to ease her pain.😁

Not one to miss out on anything, Ceci soon joined the others for that fast dinghy ride!

We can’t seat nine in the salon for eating but the cockpit floor made a fine picnic spot for lunch.

Time to go to the beach for some play time! We have found that the little beach on Pine island is a lot of fun for young children. Papa loaded the dinghy with the first group.

Three adults and two children in the dinghy. Riding low in the water! Caleb chose to be towed on the SUP behind.
I tried to capture Caleb’s antics on the board from Kindred Spirit.
Caleb’s Mom, Kerri, got better photos of him standing on the board, but her video below is the best!
It is so much better in action!

Papa and all three kids enjoyed playing on the Stand Up Paddleboard even when they weren’t standing up!

Pull and push, push and pull!
Looks like Papa eventually needed some alone time. 😉

Then Kerri and the girls took their own spin on the board.

Nice balance, girls!

There is plenty of other things to do on that little beach.

Caleb and his Uncle Adam tried catching the little fish with a net.
The fish were still too fast.

Clambering over the rocks is a favorite. I was quite relieved that the Dads and Moms handled this activity.

Who are those masked creatures?

Back at the boat, there were some minor bob-boos to tend. Antibiotic cream and band-aids came out again!

Nana gets the first aid kit out again.
Their smiles are so precious!
There’s fun to be had on land, too. Swing time on the playset!
I love these people! 😍❤️🥰

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  1. Mary-Jo Shultis

    Great Blog Wow you packed a lot into one day. Great pics, beautiful family!!!!

  2. Ellen Seltzer

    omg…looks like so much fun…you are so lucky to have had this wonderful time with all of them. they are adorable and i wish i could tell them that these are the very best days and times and to savor them! your blogs are the only time i wish i had a boat! thanks so much for sharing and never ever stop filling them with pics of your adventures! sail on…xo

  3. Claire Taylor

    Nothing better than having the grands on the boat (and the house)!! Loved seeing them all!!

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