WD-70 Encore – Friends and Good Times

Port Jefferson is straight across Long Island Sound from Milford. We planned to meet up with Don and Cindy on Limerick for a spontaneous WD-70 Encore. 

Approaching Port Jefferson means watching for the ferries. The ferry run between Bridgeport and Port Jefferson is frequent and they are BIG. Our timing is impeccable, and we need to wait. 🥴 😬

The ferry schedule seems to be two at once, one coming in and one going out around the same time.

It’s been a long time since we did more than stop overnight here in Port Jefferson on a passage north or south. Al grew up making trips to Port Jefferson as a child on family boating trips, so his nostalgia antennae was up and running.  It must be over 22 years since we have stopped here for more than an overnight. That last time would have been after racing our Catalina 34 in the Nationals (and winning) in Bridgeport, followed by the Long Island Sound Catalina Association’s Labor Day get together on the beach in Port Jefferson.

We anchored on the western side of the entrance to Port Jefferson Harbor in a nice relatively quiet spot.
WARM water of 78 degrees!
After dinner, two lovely swans came over to say hello. Of course we fed them, but then they got greedy and hissed at us when we had no more bread. 
We watched the deer graze on the shore.
The ferry is lit up for its night voyage.
The sunset was a fiery glow.

The next morning was overcast with a threat of more showers following a rainy night. The weather was supposed to clear so we dinghied into Port Jefferson to see how much it had changed in the past two decades. I have to confess that I was underwhelmed by Port Jeff this time. Maybe because the threatened showers became real.

The only place to put the dinghy was at Danford’s Marina for a $10 fee. I really don’t understand why a marina (and town) would want to discourage boaters from coming ashore to spend their money.
To sooth our disappointment and our dampness, we chose to have ice cream at a Kilwin’s shop.
PJ’s three smokestack s are visible when approaching the PJ entrance. Al remembers how his father used them as a guide to steer towards the Port Jeff entrance in the days before navigation electronics.

Limerick arrives!

Encore for the WD-70 Cruise!
Al’s “water uber” picked up Cindy and Don for dinner together on Kindred Spirit.
As the sun set, we noticed there were now 3 Kadey Krogens in Port Jefferson. Night Owl, a KK42, had anchored just ahead of Limerick. Wish we had more time there so that we could have met them.

Tuesday morning we both departed Port Jefferson to head east to Napatree. It was Don’s wish to end their northern cruising at his favorite place, Watch Hill. Al checked the currents for our 50 nautical mile trip and suggested that we leave around 3:30 am. 😳 🙄 Yeah, that’s not happening this time. He was outvoted by Limerick and the remaining half of Kindred Spirit‘s crew. Anchors up at 5:30 am!

6:05 am
6:20 am

When we arrived at Napatree Jallao was already anchored there so naturally we had to have a dinner party with Mary Jo and Dean!

Happy crews!

Mary Jo took some amazing sunset photos. Watch Hill always has the best sunsets.

And dawn, too! mjs
Peaceful (this photo by Cindy)

Sweet Liberty, with Whit and Joan, was also at Napatree.

Whit, Joan, and Gracie dinghied over for coffee on Wednesday morning before they departed.
Visiting between cockpits.

The 3 days at Napatree were brutally hot and humid with flies (ugh), but we carried on. Relaxing, beaching, swimming, kayaking, and socializing with friends.

Al is ready for the beach with his new swimsuit and his Tall Man Ice Cream shirt (Tall Man’s is an ice cream shop near us. How appropriate, right?)
There were so many little fish around us that they brought the big ones out. Al tried a little bit of fishing, but the osprey were more successful at catching their dinner.
Beach time for Don, Cindy, and Al.
Kayaking with Mary Jo

Patrice and George on Our Nest, also came to Napatree. Got to have another dinner party!

When the dinghies gather, you know there is a party going on. 😉
Grill master Don is cheered on by his audience, Dean and Mary Jo.
Good food, good friends, and lots laughter.

Dean was determined to blow a conch horn for sunset so we all headed out to Limerick’s bow. There’s no audio for this blog, but take my word for it – Dean is really good at this!

Mary Jo and me. Thank you, Cindy, for this photo!
Gathered on Limerick’s bow to wait for the moment.
Soon…… soon.
There it goes ……
The sun sets and Dean entertains the anchorage with another perfect conch serenade.
If we are in Watch Hill we must have ice cream at St. Claire’s Annex. After the sunset, we took off in our dinghies to be there before closing at 9 pm.
Ice cream at St. Claire’s!

Another hot day (and still with the flies….) but we continued to play.

More kayaking, with Al this time.

Here’s an interesting tidbit. Kadey Krogen made a sailboat. They made eighty-five 38-foot centerboard gunkholers. I was swimming off the boat when a guy paddled by on his SUP, carefully studying our rafted boats. We chatted and he told me that he has a Kadey-Krogen, too, and pointed to the sailboat.

A Kadey-Krogen 38-foot sailboat at Napatree.

And then, another Kadey Krogen arrived at Watch Hill – Sea Dweller with Jeff and Ellen aboard.

To the left of our raft is Sea Dweller, a KK48. That makes four Kadey Krogens in the anchorage at Napatree.

Jeff and Ellen joined us on Kindred Spirit with Cindy and Don for a KK happy hour. After chatting and nibbling, we went up to Limerick’s flybridge so that Jeff could fly his drone over Napatree and Watch Hill. A drone!! This would be our first up close view of a drone in action.

Cindy and Ellen
Jeff prepares the drone for flight.
Lift off!

The video from the drone’s flight over Watch Hill and the Napatree anchorage is really cool to watch, especially if you know the area well. And to see the boats from above was a whole new perspective! Thank you so much, Jeff and Ellen!

Jeff’s drone flight can be seen on YouTube – “Watch Hill Rhode Island 2022.” Here are some still photos from Jeff’s drone flight over —

Hello drone!
Looking towards the Watch Hill Harbor.
Sea Dweller in the distance and Limerick and Kindred Spirit rafted together.
Sea Dweller dressed for the night. Jeff is not only a whiz with the drone, but he is quite the tech wizard with lighting. Sea Dweller changes colors!

With the heat, humidity, and flies, we all decided to head back to Shennecossett on Friday morning.

Limerick took our mooring for the night. I was grateful to be back in our slip with air conditioning!

The WD-70 fun wasn’t over yet. We decided to spend our last evening together at the DogWatch Cafe in Stonginton for dinner. Sometimes things that might appear to be chance or a coincidence are closer to kismet. Back in June we ate dinner at Dead Eye Dick’s on Block island to celebrate Don and Cindy’s 49th wedding anniversary, one day early. Here we were, at the end of our cruising time together, and we were celebrating our 28th wedding anniversary, one day early.

Delicious dinners all around the table. The DogWatch never disappoints.
Al is savoring this bit of lobster with bacon from his lobster BLT.

It was still early so we drove to Mystic for………….wait for it.………….ICE CREAM!!!

The Mystic Drawbridge is decorated with a wreath of sunflowers made by Mystic Knotworks. The wreath changes with the seasons.
Checking out the bridge.
Mystic Drawbridge Ice Cream – one of our favorites.
Perfect ending to the day, the week, and the WD-70 cruise.
Don and Cindy. What a treat it was to have this unplanned and unexpected extra time together on the water.
Happy Anniversary, my sweetheart!

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  1. Jeanne

    Wonderful blog and pics, as usual. The drone video is beautiful! Seriously, you could write an ice cream store travelogue given your knowledge and experience with so many different places!

  2. Sarah/Deanna

    Always enjoy you travels and activities. Miss seeing you. Deanna and Sarah

    • watsons

      Oh Sarah and Deanna! We miss seeing you too. Some of our favorite memories from HopeTown include the two of you.

  3. Claire and Dick Taylor

    Happy Anniversary! We just celebrated our 67th this June! And Dick’s 90th in July! And the fun goes on!

    • watsons

      SIXTY-SEVEN!!! You and Dick are awesome!! Congratulations on that and Dick’s 90th.

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