Short, But Special

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Al’s son, Tim, and his wife Amanda now live on the West Coast in Oregon after 10 years of wandering the country in their 25-foot Airstream. Their blog, Watson’s Wander, is an amazing record of their travels across the United States. They have settled in Oregon for now so we don’t get to see them very often. Whenever they are back east, and if it is boating season, it’s off to Kindred Spirit we all go. This is the first time they have been on the Kadey Krogen.

Amanda and Tim

Apparently, it does not matter how old you may be, the striped bass at our dock are a must-do on everyone’s list.

More hot dogs for the stripers!
Look at those open mouths 😳😲

It wasn’t a sunny day but it also wasn’t raining. Off to West Harbor we went, the usual place for short visits.

Amanda, Tim, and Al
Father and son are a lot alike, so naturally they were in the engine room. When we returned to the dock, Al decided to drain while it was hot.
Dinner at Paul’s Pasta is a perfect ending for a great time together.

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