Celebrating 27 Years on McGlathery Island

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We repeatedly heard of two places that are special stops on a Maine cruise, McGlathery Island and Pulpit Harbor, and both were easy stops on our homeward bound route. We were ready for a quiet anchorage and decided McGlathery Island in Merchants Row was worth a visit. 

That Friday, August 6th was our 27th wedding anniversary!  What could make this a special morning? Cinnamon buns! Pillsbury, that is. First time I used the oven on this trip. 

Pillsbury cinnamon buns are a tasty treat and easy to bake on the boat. It is hard to find the smaller cans with only 5 instead of 8 buns. Although we could probably finish off eight, it wouldn’t necessarily be such a good idea.

Our route took us between Mount Desert Island and Great Gott Island through a narrow passage. Line up the red and white markers to pass through safely.  

One red and white marker goes on the port side and one is passed on starboard. Line the two up and safely pass through between Mount Desert Island and Gott Island.
Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse has stood on the southwestern side of Mount Desert Island since 1858. This white brick and stone lighthouse is the only lighthouse on the island.
And again, it was another typical day on the water in Maine – fields of lobster buoys!
Twenty-three nautical miles was a reasonably easy morning. We anchored on the northeast side of McGlathery Island. All by ourselves.

We expected a special place and McGlathery Island did not disappoint. The morning had been overcast and cloudy but as soon as we anchored, the sun burst through.

McGlathery’s rocky shore was smooth rock rather than the sharp ledges we had seen.
Kindred Spirit anchored at McGlathery Island.

Instead of putting the dinghy in the water for an exploration, this was the perfect place and the perfect day for our kayaks. Finally!! We paddled around enjoying that closer view of the water and shoreline.

Al spied a lost lobster buoy on the shore.
At high tide this sandy bar behind me disappears.

There haven’t been many grocery stores along the Maine coast, at least not ones that were easily accessible on foot, for us. What to make for our anniversary dinner???? Hmmm. We had “surf and turf!” LOL, shrimp and chicken on the grill because that is what was in the freezer.

Twenty-seven years of love and adventure with this amazing man.

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