Lake Tashmoo, a Peaceful Harbor

We left Cuttyhunk bright and early at 7 am on July 13th to head to Lake Tashmoo on Martha’s Vineyard, a 15-nautical mile journey. The safest and easiest passage between the Buzzards Bay side of the Elizabeth Islands and Vineyard Sound is Quicks Hole Passage is between Pasque and Nashawena Islands, two more Elizabeth Islands. 

A sailing Moody 46 passed both of us as we traveled up Vineyard Sound. As we conversed over the VHF, her captain admitted that he was motor sailing, but still………. Well, none of us expected to trade our sails for speed when we bought these trawlers. We prefer the slower pace so that we can pause and smell the sea air.

Lake Tashmoo became a favorite stop on our cruises many years ago, but is now a must-do so that we can visit with our friend, Colin who lives on his boat, Tortuga, her in Lake Tashmoo during the summer months. We met Colin in 2016 here in Lake Tashmoo. That story is part of my OPB blog post. 😉

Colin and Tortuga
Lake Tashmoo is so protected and peaceful that we were able to raft both boats together in the designated anchorage, which is on the smaller side.
The shore was not far from the boat.
I noticed this sailboat anchoring nearby. Love the name, Nautilus, and the graphic , which combines my love of sea shells and my former mathematical side.
We invited Colin and the Magnolia crew over for dinner on Saturday evening. A very enjoyable meal with good friends!
Such a peaceful place.
Tashmoo has a sizable geese population.

The three guys spent a good part of the visit discussing various boat projects, especially future ones for Tortuga.

What more can I say? Kenneth Grahame must have known our guys.
Annette and I have our own projects to keep us busy. While the men mess about in their boats, we got together to weave and crochet. Sorry, no crocheting pictures.
No, he is not passed out or away, just napping. Messing about in boats can be quite exhausting. (I don’t think Al will appreciate this photo.)

Colin is always a generous host to those of us passing through on the Vineyard, giving us a ride and showing us things we might not otherwise have an opportunity to see. He loaned us his car for a grocery run into Vineyard Haven. Cruisers always appreciate an easy grocery run!

Walking up the road from the Tashmoo dock.
Another ice cream moment. Al is not alone on this excursion – Anthony took the photo. I think this is Bernie’s in Vineyard Haven.
Annette and I gave Colin a mini-FaceBook tutorial.

The next morning was another early morning departure,  Nantucket bound. Did I already mention this might be a whirlwind cruise?

Leaving Tashmoo, Al is washing down the anchor chain. Magnolia ahead.
Tashmoo channel – Many boaters are wary of this narrow and shallow channel, with good reason. You need to be cautious and know your draft.
This year the osprey family was home in their nest by the side of the channel.
Tashmoo Beach on the eastern side of the channel.
Rounding West Chop, we had the current with us – 11 knots of speed!! We are on our way to Nantucket.

Along the way, the seas were calm enough and the sun was on the right side of the boat (meaning giving it the right light, not meaning “starboard,” although it was in fact both the starboard and the right light) to take a few photos of Magnolia underway. Anthony requested some new photos for a new boat card. I was their previous boat card photographer for S/V Magnolia while in the Bahamas. You know, Captains, if you didn’t change boats you wouldn’t need new cards (and that might be an inside joke for you know who.)

Is this THE one?

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