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On July 10th, after a 3-day return home for a commitment, we made our second departure from Shennecossett to head out again and meet up with Magnolia at Block Island. We only spent one night at Block before heading eastward, so there isn’t much to write about, especially since I have blogged about BI several times in the past. Our goal for this summer to show Anthony and Annette some of New England’s treasures that they may have missed on previous journeys north. It’s going to be a whirlwind!

A very calm departure through Fishers Island Sound.
BI New Harbor – not July 4 but still pretty busy.
Block was just a quick stopover to meet Magnolia, and we both managed to find an anchor spot on the east side.
Evening ice cream run to Champlins. Photo by Anthony who is also on the same ice cream run. Of course!
Coast Guard training boats, 2 boats per mooring. Arctic Tern and Stormy Petrol with crew aboard.
Off we go the next morning at 7:30 am.
Block’s northern point in the early morning light.

It took us 5 hours to travel the 36 nautical miles from Block to Cuttyhunk at an average of 7.2 knots. I remember the days when it would take 8 hours in the sailboat.

The biggest event of the trip was passing Morning Cherry, an anchored EUKOR cargo ship.
Krogens on the left, Krogens on the right…… Now that we know a Kadey Krogen (that would be Magnolia) we see them everywhere. Just like when you get a new car they seem to be all over the roads. Magnolia on the right and a rare sailing Kadey Krogen on the lower left.

We always anchor in the outer harbor at Cuttyhunk, rather than take a $45 inside mooring, as long as the conditions are safe for that decision. With our 77 pound Rocna anchor, it isn’t a hard decision today. Al chose his old anchor spot near Pease Ledge……

Kindred Spirit anchored just off the rocks of Pease Ledge, visible as the tide goes down.
It makes me just a bit nervous anchored that close to the rock ledge, so we monitor our position with the GPS. The purple is the shallows near the ledge and the green squiggly blob is Kindred Spirit’s movement on anchor over 24 hours. OK, looks safe enough. 😉
Morning sailing classes in the outer harbor. As you can see, it was an overcast gray day here.
Al always has time for a project.

Dan and Marcia on Cutting Class were working their way westward towards home. Perfect timing for a get-together as our paths crossed.

Dinner on Magnolia. The gang’s together!
We aren’t chocolate junkies…… much.

I’ve already done a blog post on Cuttyhunk from last year’s summer trip, so I’ll try not to repeat too much.

The next morning, another foggy gray beginning, we shared our tradition of breakfast at the Cuttyhunk Fishing Club with Anthony and Annette.

Cuttyhunk Fishing Club’s street entrance and garden bottle decor.
Glad to see the lawn planters are still there. 🙂
Rustic quaint interior.
Al and Anthony at our breakfast table on the porch.
It is actually an inn – The Cuttyhunk Fishing Club Family Bed and Breakfast.
Sitting on the log overlooking the water.

After breakfast, we need to work off the calories so we head up to the highest point.

Anthony and Annette on a “street” in Cuttyhunk.
And the two of us.
Sweet scene
Bits of art along the way
Cuttyhunk Elementary School – with deliveries on the wall.

The views from the lookout are quite foggy.

The grayness lifted enough to see our boats in the harbor. We are 2nd from left and Magnolia is on the right.
The guys are strolling back down the road from the top.

We had to show Anthony and Annette the pizza place, “Sopranos”, although we have never eaten there.

A view of Sopranos
The outdoor dining room, up close.
The Blues Brothers (or Quadruplets?)

The day brightened to a nice warm glow. Al generously took Annette and I to the beach for a walk, and hopefully some sea glass finds.

Now that I have to wear compression all the time I needed a way to get from the dinghy to the beach without soaking these expensive fashion statements. Solution – My little yellow boots, courtesy of Crocs!

There was only a few bits of sea glass to be found; not like the old days….. so we walked over to the other side. Nothing there either.

An old barge?
The only interesting things on the beach…….

Later in the day, there is Kindred Spirit, with rain showers in the distance. Thanks for the nice photos, Anthony!

Moving on to Lake Tashmoo tomorrow.

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