WWW = Waiting for a Weather Window

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WWW does not refer to the World Wide Web this time. It stands for “waiting for a weather window.”  To reach paradise on the other side of the Gulf Stream, boaters must make the passage during a “good weather window.” … Continued

Shenny Rendezvous in Vero Beach!!

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We arrived in Vero Beach on Sunday afternoon (Sunday, November 17th) and joined Cutting Class on mooring ball #17.  We hadn’t seen Marcia and Dan since they left Shennecossett Yacht Club a week before we did, waaaay back in September. Mooring … Continued

Old St. Augustine – a City of History

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WARNING – long post!! We had a great time in St. Augustine for 4 days. St. Augustine is a curious mix of history and culture with honky-tonk tourism. St. Augustine is the “oldest continuously occupied European-established settlement and port in … Continued