The WD-70

That title is going to take some explaining. What began as a little fun joke, snowballed into …. you’ll see.

Flashback to July 2021 when we met Don and Cindy in person – Thirty Nine Times Two. After our 3-4 days together at Watch Hill last summer, we all decided we needed an extended cruise. Don’s brother lives on Long Island so they often make the long trek from the southern Chesapeake to Long Island Sound for the summer. For 2022, Limerick would come farther east, cruise out to Martha’s Vineyard, etc. with us and then return to cruise up the Hudson River with his brother.

For the next 11 months the four of us communicated frequently via texts, FaceTime and phone calls, forging and cementing a new friendship. Don’s enthusiasm is unmatched and his expectations for the Watson/Dahl Summer Cruise of 2022 were high, very high. It got me thinking……. Abbreviated, the Watson/Dahl became “WD”. When I hear “WD”, I immediately think WD-40, that magical formula that acts as a lubricant, rust preventative, penetrant and moisture displacer. In fact, the WD stands for “water displacement. It took them 40 attempts to get the water displacing formula worked out. Who knew? Do I use WD-40? No. But I know Al has it and uses it on assorted projects and problems. It sort of reminds me of duct tape, one of those things you must have around the house.

But I digress. Into my head popped “WD-70” as a name for our Summer 2022 plans. Why 70? It seemed like a more appropriate and accurate number than 40. Al is in his early 70s, I will be 70 in September, Don will be 70 in December, and Cindy will reach that achievement in January 2023. So there you have it. Somehow, as time passed and the anticipation grew, my creative juices flowed and I created a brochure for the WD-70 Extravaganza Cruise (“Extravaganza” is Don’s chosen adjective.)

The cover features that one-of-a-kind special guy, Captain Al.
Inside cover and introduction to the WD-70 concept.
I checked out the websites of those BIG cruise lines to see how you describe a cruise.
“This cruising itinerary is dictated only by the crew’s desires and the whims of sweet Mother Nature.”
With Don and Al, there has to be ice cream. I think it was the mutual love of ice cream that brought them together. Or was it the boats??
The back cover is a tribute to our Kindred Spirits.

I had such a fun time designing and making the brochure. We sent it to Don and Cindy so that they could open it on the 100 day countdown date. Their delight and enjoyment of it warmed my heart and still brings a smile to my face.

The brochure even has a place of honor on Limerick. 😍

After months of anticipation, the WD-70 Cruise finally began. Limerick left Sea Cliff, Long Island and arrived at Shennecossett Yacht Club on Monday, June 6th.

Even without a little zoom lens, we can spot a Krogen.
Limerick on her way to our mooring by Pine Island.
Cindy picks up the mooring and they are soon settled in.
Don and Cindy, you have arrived!

I decided we needed an impromptu party to celebrate Limerick’s arrival. The crews of Limerick and Kindred Spirit were joined by the crews of Jallao, Sweet Liberty, and Our Nest.

Grill masters Dean, Don, and Al.
Potluck dinners are the best. We feasted!

A little time at the SYC fire pit to close the evening in style.

Dean, Don, and Al
Al. Don, Whit and Dean
Mary Jo, Cindy, Dean, Joan, and Michele
I could just see Limerick on the mooring from our portside at the dock.
Limerick’s view of Avery Point.

Good Night, tomorrow we depart on the WD-70 Cruise!

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  1. Susie Marshall

    Sounds like y’all will have a wonderful cruise. Thanks for sharing.

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