Unexpected B.O.A.T.

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When we acquire a new (to us) boat there has always been a list of projects to do. Our Kadey Krogen 39 was a lovely boat just as she was, but there were a few projects that made her more to our style of boating; things we wanted but weren’t necessarily a must-have, such as solar panels and the stern thruster. However, in every boater’s life there are those unexpected projects that catch you off-guard and we just had one. “B.O.A.T.” has run through my mind over the past couple of weeks — “Break Out Another Thousand”.

What happened, you ask? The Norcold refrigerator started to act cranky. The crankiness became more serious, The possibility of it failing this season became more likely. And that was not something either of us were willing to risk. Twenty-four years ago our 1987 Catalina 34 didn’t have refrigeration but we aren’t willing to return to those days!

It was hard to find a replacement refrigerator. It had to be a certain size to fit in the existing opening and it had to be available. That was the hardest part. We finally located a good option that was shipped from the warehouse in South Carolina. Don’t you just love waiting for a delivery when the delivery time changes throughout the day??

Just after 6:00 pm we opened the front door and saw this monster truck in our little cup-de-sac!! A whole boat could fit in it.
The delivery guy had equipment to get the refrigerator from the truck to our driveway……..
……. but we had to muscle it into the Outback ourselves with Al’s MacGyver methods.

And then we had to get the refrigerator from the car, down our dock.

Al makes it look easy.
Sitting on the dock. Next step – up and over!
Gosh, this is fun.
Before the new one can be put in place, the old one has to come out.
Empty and ready.
There was a lot of electrical work to be done, but from what I could tell, it all went pretty smoothly.
Wow. Wow. It looks really nice and it WORKS! Project finished and working by NOON.

We would have gotten a black one instead of the stainless steel but this was the only Isotherm with left-swing door that would fit.

Stainless steel appliances look really cool, but those fingerprints …oh my!

This was just another adventure in owning a boat. The unexpected happens and “B.O.A.T.” Thank goodness we (Al) can do it all himself. 😍

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