“Watsonizing” – My Turn 😁

While Al worked on the important systems of the boat all winter and spring, I spent my time thinking about how I wanted the interior of the boat to look to make it feel like “ours.”  

Time for a tour…………. starboard side first.

Stepping into the salon from the aft cockpit.

Decorating decisions began with the rugs for the salon and galley. Too many choices! There was very little color in the salon because the cushions and curtains were light beige/ivory tones with brown accents. After searching online for rugs that come in the right size (not always easy for a boat), I chose a more colorful option than usual. That decision drove my other choices. It was winter so I decided to weave some coordinating items for Kindred Spirit. 

The new small galley rug sat under my loom for inspiration.. I wove two table runners (right photo.). Although the same yarns were used in both, the longer version had lighter tones, the shorter one has bolder colors. The small item is a coordinating dish towel, also seen on the loom.
Using leftover cotton yarns from other weaving projects, I made new tiebacks, a subdued but more colorful blue accent for the off-white curtains.
The dining area. The table is awesome. It goes up and down to adjust the height and folds out to make it larger. It is extremely heavy and although not secured to the floor, it never moves by itself. But since it is not attached to the floor we can move it if we need to do so.

About the pillows….. While poking around in my fabric stash, I rediscovered Bahama Androsia batik fabric from our last trip south. Hmmm, most of it was smaller sized yardage remnants. I played around with all the colors and designs until I could create patchwork pillows.

Batik fabric from Androsia Island, Bahamas. My friend, Annette on Magnolia, had the opportunity to tour the Androsia Batik Factory in 2019 and even made her own batik fabric while there.
It took a little time to figure out how to use these odds and ends, but I pieced together three patchwork pillows that satisfied us both, shell theme and turtle theme.

We have always loved beachcombing and collecting interesting finds, sea glass, sea shells, sea beans, pottery, stones and rocks….. We have tubs and tubs of containers filled with finds that I just cannot part with. Ninety percent of our collecting comes from our travels by boat, so it just seems natural to display some of the special finds on our boat.

Hanging on the starboard side above the dining area is another weaving that incorporates some of our beach treasures.
I wove this piece with a special slub yarn for texture, leaving open areas to hold assorted beach treasures; shells, sea glass, pottery, sea beans.

Al and I discussed what we might hang on the large space in the salon on the back of the galley cupboards. Back in February while we were visiting Magnolia in Stuart, FL we stopped in the Marker 23 Gallery, a place we have toured before. I saw an ocean wave painting that I couldn’t forget. The original was too large and much too expensive so we had a giclée print in a smaller version made.

Original painting by Liza Karsai at the Marker 23 Gallery in Stuart, FL
The giclée print hanging in our salon.

Over to the port side………….

The port side of the salon. The settee pulls out and makes a bed.
The boat came with a very nice (and large) tv in the salon, but its position covered the window partially. I asked Al to figure out how to tuck it out of the way.
Al’s solution was quite clever. He remounted the tv with a rotating mount that allowed the unit to swivel vertically and horizontally. When turned vertically it would be held close against the wall, secured with a strap hooked on a mermaid. When turned horizontally for watching it does not obscure the window.
My first intention was to weave a tapestry to cover the tv when not in use. It took a lot of hours and sadly, I was not satisfied with the finished piece. For now the tv will remain naked.
Just past the port side settee is a nice “hutch” as I call it.

We decided that the space next to the hutch would be good for a mirror.   It is easier to put on sunscreen and freshen up before leaving the boat while in the salon instead of going up and then down to the master cabin. To display more of our beach combing collection, Al made a frame that I filled with shells and sea glass.

This mirror was actually made in 2015 for the Mariner’s guest cabin. I like having the continuity with some of our special things moving from boat to boat.
On the other wall by the hutch we hung this little picture. This was an anniversary card that Al gave me many, many years ago. He wrote, “I would marry you again and again” inside the card. ❤️

And the galley…..

Across from the “hutch” on the starboard side is the galley. I love this galley. Al installed additional LED lights under the cabinets and a fan to keep me cool.

Over the refrigerator is a framed cross stitch made by a cruising friend that we met on our first trip to the Bahamas.
Ann, on Traveling Soul, made this personalized cross stitch and gave it to us on our second trip to the Bahamas when our paths crossed again in 2015. The signal flags spell “Kindred Spirit.” The generosity and thoughtfulness of fellow cruisers is amazing. Thank you, Ann!

Three steps up to the pilot house……

We have never had a pilot house before and are finding it quite nice. It is a very comfortable place for both of us to be while piloting and gets a great breeze from the doors on each side. It can also serve as another space to just hang out, especially when we might need a little space from each other. 😉 The blue and white pillows and sea horse pillows came with the boat. I really liked them and chose a rug to coordinate with them.

On the last two Kindred Spirits, we displayed a photo of each boat passing by Ledge Light in New London, coming home, or leaving. Mary Jo and Dean are our photographers for these big events. One only needs to look at the blog’s header to see how special these photographers and photographs are to us.

Three of our four Kindred Spirits.
A closer look at three of our four Kindred Spirits. I searched through old boxes of photos (the pre-digital age) for quite some time to find a good photograph of our original Kindred Spirit, the Catalina 34. Alas, nothing was suitable.

Down the spiral stairs to the lower level ….

I had some concerns about the spiral stairs especially after my fall and spinal surgery, but there are plenty of handholds to make it safe. And those blue lights are great at night! The little plaque just before the entrance to the stateroom has been on the two previous Kindred SpiritsLive Simply~Laugh Often~Love Deeply

The head……. There aren’t really any decorating opportunities in the head. It is mostly a functional place.

Blues, of course. Towels on the swing-out rack that also serve as curtains, maybe? A little rug and a handwoven hand towel by the sink.

And finally, the master (and only) stateroom …..

The master stateroom is very nice. Lots of head room and storage space.

One of the wow factors on the boat is a mirror and dresser in the stateroom. That’s even more storage than the 6 huge drawers under the bed. And we each have our own hanging locker!
An unexpected purchase. My tender back was no longer comfortable on the boat’s existing mattress, even with an extra topper. After researching many foam mattresses, we took a gamble on one. It arrived in a small box and quickly expanded to its full queen size. Yikes! It expanded while upside down! Al had to muscle it over.

I was determined to keep the blue and white sea shell pillow shams from our last boat, the Mariner. Those shams were made from fabric leftover from the curtains on the Morgan.

Feels like home now. 💖

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  1. Cheryl

    Great post! You are so creative. I love how you literally weave your sea treasures into art and accessories. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Linda Santoro

    I love this post! Thank you for the Watsonizing update! There are so many details that are fun and also such wonderful personal touches that make me admire your relationship- to each other and to your ocean adventures. Very well designed! Wishing the two of you many, many fun adventures to come! And keep the posts coming! Stay well! Linda

  3. Mary Jo Shultis

    Michele and Al you are a great Team. What a gorgeous home you have created yet again.

  4. Karen LeBrasseur

    You are such an inspiration, Ms. Watson! The space you have created is wonderful. So inviting, so creative and eveything seems to have some meaning. I am truly impressed by how talented and creative you both are. Bravo! Karen

  5. Lynn

    It’s gorgeous, Michele! I love all your picks and creations. Wishing you much happiness on the high seas!

  6. Ann Brown

    It is beautiful Michelle..
    And it really makes my heart happy and proud that you included the cross stich in your decorating.
    I loved making the cross stich for you and Al.
    Be safe
    Many Blessings
    Traveling Soul

  7. Diane Leighton

    You have made her your own! Very beautiful and I love the meaning behind all the lovely decorations. Btw, where did you end of getting your rugs? I’m always looking for new rugs! 🙂

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