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Back to back celebrations this weekend!

Ten weeks after my accident and spinal surgery I boarded Kindred Spirit. I expected that I may experience a wee bit of PTSD as I stepped onto the swim platform, but it was actually ok. Backed into the slip makes it very easy to just step onto the platform. We only stayed for a few hours. It may look like I am back to “normal”, but believe me, I am far from it. On the other hand, the progress has been good. Patience and persistence! Time to celebrate that progress!

I am stepping on the spot I fell from. Ugh. Al was VERY careful to take care of the crisscrossed lines when I boarded but now prefers to uncross them entirely.
Patience and persistence! That’s why I wore my Elizabeth Warren t-shirt “Nevertheless She Persisted.” My motto.

Anthony and Annette had arrived in Groton on Magnolia and were on our mooring in the outer field. They had lots of packages shipped to our house over the past couple of weeks. That makes perfect sense and we were happy to provide a land shopping address for them, but you know how disappointing it is to find that a package does not have your name on it …….. right????

Al plays UPS guy and delivers the boxes from our dock to the outer mooring field.

Back to celebrating…………

Six years ago I wrote an extensive blog post about our naming ceremony and “christening” of the Mariner 38 – The Christening of Kindred Spirit. After all, I was under the assumption that the Mariner was our last boat and I wanted to do it right. I had decided that the Kadey Krogen, as our new “last” boat deserved an even better and bigger celebration; any excuse for a party. 😉 Alas, Covid-19 brought those plans to a screeching halt.  Plus, at the moment, I am in no shape to plan and throw a big party. This concerned me because our Kadey Krogen needed to be properly named.

We are living in strange times and must learn to adapt so that we stay safe and keep others safe. I thought about all the children whose birthday parties were held over ZOOM; graduations and proms that never happened; and wedding plans that had to adapt to this new social “norm.” A boat christening is nothing compared to those life events, and I believe our Kadey Krogen will understand that she is and will be loved even though the celebration was smaller and simpler. 

We quickly gathered a few friends and plenty of Prosecco to hold a naming ceremony so that the nautical gods will look kindly upon Kindred Spirit. If you are interested  in what a proper boat naming ceremony should be, check the link to the Mariner’s christening. 

Once again, we decided that  Kindred Spirit is the only name that would do. Kindred Spirit (#4). In case you missed it the last time around – Why that name? Just before we found our Catalina 34, we were watching the PBS mini-series, Anne of Green Gables. Al and I had only been married for a few years, and friends who were also watching the series, commented that Al and I had found our “kindred spirit” in each other. Ahhhh…..

Anne of Green Gables and her kindred spirits. We found our Kindred Spirit.
Black Chancery font in navy blue with silver shadow. Same as before.

Marcia & Dan and Anthony & Annette joined us for a socially distant, with masks (although they were pulled down at times) ceremony.

Marcia and Dan
Anthony and Annette. It seemed only right that they were part of the christening ceremony– they were with us from the very beginning of our Krogen search and find.
We used the same ceremony as before. I had done all the research for boat naming six years ago so there was no need to change it. This time we held it in the aft cockpit so that we had more space with the dock there.
The De-Naming
We offer you our thanks for the protection you have afforded this vessel in the past, as The Edge, As Limerick, and as Travelin’ Man.
We voice our gratitude that she has always found shelter from tempest and storm and enjoyed safe passage to port.
Now, wherefore, we submit this supplication, that the name whereby this vessel has been known, The Edge, be removed from your records in the Ledger of the Deep. As proof thereof, we submit this “ingot” bearing her former name and send it into the deep.
Further, we ask that when she is again presented for blessing with the name Kindred Spirit, she shall be recognized and shall be accorded once again the privileges she previously enjoyed as well as those privileges enjoyed by every Kindred Spirit that has come before her.
The conch horn is sounded at important moments in the ceremony. Good thing there is no sound to this blog because Al is a little rusty. 😘

Our version of a naming ceremony always includes our “Black Box.” If you are intrigued and want to know more about this “black box” visit John Vigor’s blog. We first stumbled on his Black Box theory in an issue of Good Old Boat nearly 20 years ago. We try to live by those rules and even made our own physical black box that has resided on all four of our Kindred Spirits.

The moods of the sea are many, from tranquil to violent. We ask that this ship be given the strength to carry on. We promise to care for her in a seamanlike manner and to keep her “Black Box” filled with points.

After toasting with our Prosecco, we all had dinner together, covid-19 style. Everyone brought their own dinner, drinks, and supplies. We ate in the clubhouse (with air-conditioning) and set up individual tables 6 feet apart. We had a lot of catching up to do!

During the early stages of my recovery, Al took care of everything. Cooking, cleaning, shopping, and even dressing me. (He still has to put my shoes on for me and help with my compression garments.) I am ever so thankful that I married such a wonderful man. I needed to find a way to show my thanks and love, something he wouldn’t expect. Anthony created the KK39 logo so I could have personalized Kindred Spirit clothing made. Al was surprised and I think he liked it. We both have polo shirts, denim shirts, and hats.

A close up of our new Kindred Spirit clothing.

Marcia and Dan passed on this very special Sea Bags wine carrier, with a bottle inside. It will be our turn next to pass it on to someone for a special occasion. What a great idea this is!

Happy Christening, Kindred Spirit !

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