3 Weeks, 4 Islands, 6 Harbors – Montauk and Home

We hadn’t been to Montauk yet this summer so when it became clear that Montauk was the only place where Eleanor Q and Kindred Spirit could/would cross paths, it became our last stop of the 3 weeks. We were eager to reconnect with our dear friends from Maryland, Mary Marie and Frank.

Passing by on our way to drop the anchor.
Eleanor Q, a Gozzard 41,  at anchor in Lake Montauk – such a handsome vessel!

Arriving in the “lake” before 1 pm gave us plenty of time to say hello, hug and play. Montauk is a perfect lace for water play. It is very large, about 7-8 feet deep through the entire body of water, and is never crowded with boats. Let’s get out the toys!!

Al drops his little Snark, Petunia, into the water and takes off. There’s that leg again, casually hanging over the side.
Ships passing in the night? Does the afternoon of the solar eclipse count as night?
Mary Marie and I cruise around in our kayaks. Check out the Snark in the background – that’s Frank giving it a go.
A closer look at Frank in the Snark.

August 21st was the day of the big solar eclipse. You might have heard about it? 😉 We weren’t really prepared for the big event – no special glasses or set up for viewing it. I tried a backwards over my shoulder photo, but as you can see below, it’s not impressive at all. Oh well. We were all out playing in the little boats during the prime eclipse time.

Solar Eclipse??? My over the shoulder backwards photo didn’t capture a thing. If there was anything to capture.

After our playtime, rest time, and clean up time, we had socializing time!

Frank and Al relax in Eleanor Q’s cockpit.
Ems prepared a lovely shrimp dinner for us in her galley.
It was awesome to meet up with Frank and Mary Marie here in Montauk!!
A Montauk sunset

The next day wasn’t as sunny but was certainly warm enough for a dinghy ride to get ice cream. Frank has an ice cream problem just like Al does.

Dinghies away!
Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. Yum! Where were YOU, Anthony?? We were missing the 3rd member of the Three Musketeers of Ice Cream.
These two catamaran style boats cruised around the lake giving tours. Notice the colorful bean bags for seating?
That evening we all had dinner on Kindred Spirit.
My first ride in Petunia, with Al. Two people actually fit in that little hull, but you do get a wet bottom.
Frank takes Ems for a ride.
The Quigleys are really moving along!

OK! Enough is enough. It was time for me to try sailing this little boat. Lake Montauk is the perfect place for a first time.

My first solo sail.
I just might get the hang of this little boat sailing.

We decided to go to The Inlet for our last evening in Montauk (when don’t we go to The Inlet when we are in Montauk?? Maybe never?)

The Inlet sits right on the channel into Montauk.
A delicious dinner, a great view, and wonderful company!
Group selfie

Eleanor Q left early the next morning for home, taking the offshore route. We were able to follow their progress on AIS (otherwise known as friendly stalking among cruisers.)

Left side – out and around the tip of Montauk.
Right side – from the eastern end of Long Island to southern New Jersey.

We departed as well and headed home to Connecticut.

Passing by Race Rock Light built between 1871 and 1878 to mark the dangerous set of rocks southwest of Fishers Island.
Race Rock Light, standing 67 feet above the water. Some people it is haunted.

Once we pass through The Race, we know we are nearly home again. The familiar sights greet us.

The Block Island ferries – the “slow” one and the fast ferry passing it by.
Our Ledge Light marking the entrance to New London Harbor.
UCONN’s Avery Point campus.
Shennecossett Yacht Club ahead! And our mooring is just past that breakwater on the right.







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