3 Weeks, 4 Islands, 6 Harbors – Edgartown to Cuttyhunk

It was time to leave Edgartown and move along, but before leaving we wanted to fill up the water tanks. Edgartown has the best water system anywhere – a separate floating dock away from the hustle and bustle of a gas dock or town dock.The Captain (Al) decided this would be a perfect opportunity to give the Admiral (me) some practice bringing the boat to a dock. I do bring her into our own slip but had never come up along side a dock before. Three practice attempts under my belt now. 🙂

The floating water dock.
Nailed it! Right along the side.

Time to depart from Edgartown and move on to Cuttyhunk.

The beach club on Chappaquiddick that faces the outer harbor.

In the outer harbor just north of Chappaquiddick is a larger bay that is exposed to the north. WOW, it is also where the mega yachts anchor. We don’t remember ever seeing this many big yachts here in years past. Of course we detoured and took a cruise around them. After all, don’t those folks buy a fancy yacht so that people will look at them???

A little nosing around on the internet uncovered some info about the boats.

Gallant Lady
  • Gallant Lady, built for Jim Moran in 2007, who passed away only  a few weeks after he took possession, at the age 88.
    • 12-15 kts speed
    • measures 168 ft
    • accommodates 10, crew 11
    • as of 2014 it was valued at $42,500,000
Silver Shalis
  • Silver Shalis (previously Lady Laura) built in 2010
    • Owned by Larry Silverstein, property developer and involved in the building of the World Trade Center.
    • The boat is named Silver because of Silverstein and Shalis after their daughters, Shari and Lisa.
    • measures 180 ft
    • 12-20 kts speed
  • Huntress, built in 1997 and refurbished in 2013
    • measures 180 ft
    • 12-15 kts speed
    • 10 guests in 5 rooms, 13 crew members
    • charters for $250,000/week plus expenses
Vibrant Curiosity
  • Vibrant Curiosity, built in 2009, for German screw magnate Reinhold Wurth, a $100 million super-yacht
    • measures 280 ft
    • 18-20 kts speed
    • accommodates up to 16 guests overnight in 8 cabins
    • carries up to 26 crew onboard
Yup. That’s a helicopter on top.

By my calculations, the ratio of feet to guests on these yachts is 17-18 feet per guest (for playing and enjoying). The ratio of feet to crew is 10-15 feet per crew member (to clean and maintain.) On our 38-foot “yacht” with just the two of us, we have more feet to enjoy and more feet per crew member to maintain (18 feet per guest/crew). Since we serve as both crew and guest, it may be an unfair comparison, but unfair to whom?? I am pretty sure that we enjoy our boat as much as they do, and probably more often.

In the midst of these power mega yachts, there was two lovely and large sailing yachts.

We detoured into Tashmoo again for a trawler consultation with Colin. He wanted to pick our more experienced (3 whole years more) brains about possible modifications and cruising needs.

Our route from Edgartown to Cuttyhunk by way of Tashmoo.

It was another calm day in the Lake. Since we would only be stopping by for the afternoon, we rafted the boats together.

Tortuga and Kindred Spirit
Aft views of the boats
Other side of Kindred Spirit and Tortuga
Al and Colin are deep in a discussion of various potential projects, up and down.
On our way out of Tashmoo — Low tide!

After taking the passage between Pasque and Nashawena Islands, we have a view of the homes on Nashawena, and there are very few.


We anchored in Cuttyhunk before sunset. Nice skies.






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