The Journey Home with Boat Projects, an Anniversary and Ice Cream

After waiting out the rain for just one day on Block Island (and we really have been very fortunate – only two days of rain on the trip) we left Block to end our two weeks at Napatree.

Once again, we meet Murden working on the channel.
The fog was lingering in Block Island Sound so we powered up the radar to be safe just in case it became denser.
The fog wasn’t much of a problem with the radar, but the seas were 4- 6 feet so there was a bit of rolling. I can’t imagine what it would have been like without the stabilizers. They worked overtime! The dark bars on the right side of the display panel show how much each stabilizer was working. I’ve never seen them go so high and so low. Don said there was a moment when all they could see was our flybridge as Kindred Spirit was between ocean rollers.
What was this little seal doing out here, and in the fog???

We were heading to Napatree, but a study of the wind forecast changed our minds. The direction and the force looked to be too much for that location. Change of plans – we will go to West Harbor on Fishers Island and grab a mooring.

As we approached Watch Hill Passage we saw sailboats everywhere, coming through the passage, west to east.

The AIS showed them gathering off the shore. We figured there must be a race so a quick google confirmed that suspicion. The Spring Series of the Off Soundings Club is held in early June. The Friday race was from Watch Hill, RI to Block Island. The Saturday race is in the vicinity of or around Block Island.

We settled on to a mooring in West Harbor on Fishers Island for protection from the winds.

Lots of fenders in place to cushion Kindred Spirit and Limerick. The wakes from speeding boats were more of a problem than the wind. Don even put out his “big blues” – the replacements for the one that was crushed in the Lagoon at Vineyard Haven two years ago.

The captains always have a project or two to work on.

The captains consult on something – weather forecast, wiring, solar……??
Don helped Al trace the wires for the Engel freezer on Kindred Spirit so that he could connect them to the circuit breaker on the electrical panel.
Don and Cindy celebrated their 51st wedding anniversary so I reprised the cinnamon buns for breakfast just like two years ago on their 49th.

The new portable solar panel was tested on this trip.

That portable solar panel was worth the effort and every penny. Not only is Al having a good time playing with it, but it also proved to be excellent at grabbing those solar rays.
“Baby solar”, as I affectionately named it, is moved to different locations on the boat and positioned to get maximum rays from the sun.

And now for a little “tech talk.” I asked Al to handle this part. He enjoys and understands technical stuff. I try, but I usually do not. I do, however, enjoy reaping the benefits. 😉😃


In the picture to the left is the screen for an app I have on my phone:

A & B are solar panel controllers.
A is connected to the 350 watt fixed panels on the top of the pilot house. In this example, they are mostly shaded, putting out low amps, 6.4 amps. Maximum ever seen in full sun, 20 amps.
B is connected to the movable 100 watt panel, alias – “baby solar”. In this example it is fully in the sun putting out high amps, 7.3 amps. Maximum ever seen pointed at sun, 8 to 9 amps.

C is a device (shunt) that is connected to the battery that reads out what is going out of or into our battery bank. When the sun is out, the solar starts charging our batteries like the alternator does on a car when the engine is running. Energy (amps) from solar A & B shows 6.4 plus 7.3 or 13.7 amps that should be going into the batteries. Trying not to be too technical, 13.7 amps are going in, but the refrigerator, freezers or radio, etc are also on and taking out approximately 6.3 amps. So the shunt shows what is actually charging the battery or 7.43 amps.

This whole experience shows that a large solar panel is only effective if it is facing the sun. We have found that it can be shaded by the flybridge bimini in certain directions. The new movable panel gives us many hours of added power if I aim it continuously toward the sun while waiting for the boat to swing in the right direction for the cabin top panels to be in the sun.

OMG! WHAT are you doing now??????
Answer: Cleaning the edge of the aft cockpit cover.

After two days of being boat-bound due to a travel day and the winds that prevented us from leaving the boat, we were ready to go back to Shennecossett. The sky was overcast and rains were predicted, so let’s go. Limerick headed back to our mooring and we returned to our slip. That did not mean the fun had to end; no, it did not! The next day was sunny and cool so we finished this two-week boat trip with lunch at The Dog Watch in Stonington by car.

Dog Watch was decked out with cheerful planter arrangements.
Dog Watch is one of our favorite restaurants especially when you can eat out on the dock. We celebrated Don & Cindy’s 51st year + 1 day anniversary.
We are in a rut when it comes to our food choices and we do not care one bit. I always get the seared tuna and Don and Al get the Lobster BLT. Cindy decided on the lobster BLT this time, too. Full tummies and satisfaction all around.
We have another tradition now after three years. We finish the day with ice cream at Drawbridge Ice Cream in Mystic, on the same bench by the bridge. Once again I had my lemon chocolate kiss.
Yum, Yum, Yum.
If anyone is counting, that is only three ice creams in two weeks. I do not believe that is extravagant at all.
Don and Cindy shared this sunset photo from the mooring.

Limerick and Kindred Spirit parted ways for now. Next week we have a new adventure planned.

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    • watsons

      You are the person who introduced me to it at Dog Watch. I am forever grateful!

  1. Ellen Seltzer

    thanks for the latest update…as always it looked like a good time…glad al is happy with the technical stuff and solar panels sounds like a smart choice!
    yay for lobster blts…yummmm – that i would enjoy!
    glad dyou got your ice cream…it’s a staple of life!


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