Block and Home Again

Friday, September 9th was a long day as we both traveled from Edgartown on the Vineyard to Block Island, 57 nautical miles for 10 hours.

Sometimes this man actually takes a break and naps while underway.
The sun was getting lower in the sky and it was only 5:30 pm. Almost there.
6:00 pm – Block Island’s North Light! Soon….

We rafted together on a town mooring, ate dinner, and called it a day.

The teak bow rails have been bothering Al for awhile. He tackled them on Saturday morning. Starting upper left, clockwise – dirty to clean!

We had made the decision that we would travel back to Shennecossett on Sunday (because of Lee) so Saturday was our only full day on Block Island. The day was beautiful so it simply had to be a beach day. The reality for me is that as much as I have always loved the beach, it is much more of a challenge for me wearing heavy compression garments 24/7. Who wants to sit or walk on a beach wearing these???? I do sometimes, but it takes planning. Today was going to be the one day this summer that I chose to go without any compression and feel like a normal person for a couple of hours. There is a risk, but the ocean cooperated so that I could spend half of the time in the water.

Enjoying that beach time.
Don and Cindy basking in the sun, the water and contentment.
Although it was not nearly as crowded as in July or August, there were still quite a few people enjoying the beach on this September weekend.
A horse and rider took a plunge into the surf to cool off.
The water was perfect, just perfect. The little white speck in the distance (upper left) is me just out beyond the breaking waves. It felt soooooo good!

Watching waves and the foamy surf on the beach is a soothing pastime.

This bad, bad sea gull gets a photo in the blog post. While Don was grilling on his flybridge, the gull swooped down and fearlessly landed on the deck ready to steal the chicken. We heard Don yelling and saw the bird grudgingly fly away. He landed in the water behind Limerick and complained non-stop. I have never heard a sea gull scold and yell at anything or anyone that much!
We all opted for the full Salt Pond experience and got pastries from Aldo before our departure on Sunday.
Passing by the USCG Station by the entrance channel.
I love seeing the driftwood constructions on the beach there. If we had more time, it would have been fun to explore this year’s.
It certainly looked like a decent day for traveling when we began.
Ten minutes after the photo above, the fog blanketed everything. We had enough warning to get the radar up and running. The radar and the AIS makes traveling in the fog much easier and safer.
Our view of Limerick behind us and Limerick’s view of us ahead. At least we could faintly see each other.
We were sooooo close to SYC and then the lighting over the water changed, we heard thunder and lightening, the radar lit up with rain, and down it came.
And look at that! Another rainbow for us.
Last dinner onboard, on Kindred Spirit.

Monday was a work day for us all, cleaning the boats, finishing boat projects, and starting to pack up for home. But…. we needed to celebrate one more thing. My birthday was the next day so we went out to dinner.

I chose S&P Oyster in Mystic for my pre-birthday dinner.
Delicious dinner, beautiful view, and the companionship of good friends
Instead of cake, I wanted Mystic Drawbridge ice cream. Yes, there is a cup in each of my hands, but I have an excuse. As I was about to order, I wavered….. instead of my “Lemon Chocolate Kiss” I chose “Samoa Joe,” a new flavor. Oh no! What had I done????? Would I suffer birthday ice cream regret? Don to the rescue, without even asking, he plopped a cup of Lemon Chocolate Kiss down in front of me. Thank you, thank you!! Their lemon chocolate kiss remains my favorite flavor and will forever be my only choice at Mystic Drawbridge. And I did not suffer any regrets.
Thank you, Cindy, for this photo. It will forever be one of my favorites.

With more wonderful memories of our cruising times together but with sadness, too, we said good-bye to Don and Cindy for another year.

Limerick moved out to the mooring field for an easier early beginning in the morning. Time for them to head back to Sea Cliff, NY to ready the boat for her winter here in the north while Don & Cindy return to their land home in North Carolina.

I shared a mathematical thought with them (I was a 7th grade math teacher!) —
We cruised together for 27 days this summer.
So 27 days x 12 hrs = 324 hours (didn’t count evening or sleep time)

If most people see friends for a 4-hour average visit at any one time….
That would equal 81 visits together for us.
That equals 1½ years of friendship visits if the visits are once a week for 4 hours.

We just crammed it all into a shorter time period. AND never even got sick of each other!

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  1. Ellen Margel Seltzer

    What a great end to a pretty great season. Hope you are satiated for a few months! Welcome home.

  2. Rob Lentz

    What a great cruise. I vow to catch up this winter. We’re heading to Ireland tomorrow for two weeks.

    • watsons

      That sounds wonderful!! Enjoy every moment. We really do need to catch up this winter.

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