Pit Stop at Shennecossett

The eastward cruise back to Shennecossett Yacht Club from Milford took an hour longer than the westward trip because the current was not as favorable.

Both Limerick and Kindred Spirit traveled back to SYC together for a boat project. You know that Al loves nothing more than a boat project. Where’s that graphic again??

Sisterships at the dock together, reminiscent of 2021 when Limerick the KK39 was next to us at SYC.

The Limerick solar project was born last summer when we cruised together and then blossomed over the winter until now. Al and Don consulted virtually to select the right components and supplies which Don had delivered to Sea Cliff where Limerick now resides. They tackled the installation over the weekend at SYC.

Wiring begins in the pilot house.
Then the outside work.
Up go the panels.
Well done, men! Panels installed capturing free sunshine energy!

We finished off the weekend with a potluck picnic supper. Good food and excellent company!

What a spread! I made my coconut rum cake for the first time in quite a few years.
Dean and Mary Jo, us, Cindy and Don, Marcia and Dan. We are such lucky people to have these good friends. (Missing you George and Patrice!)

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  1. Mary-Jo Shultis

    You all have had quite a wonderful summer reunion/ vacation/ reunion.
    We enjoyed being a small part of it

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