Summer Snapshots – June 2023

It has been a weird summer and I’m not the only one who says that. There was the smoke from the fires in Quebec, hot humid days interspersed with rain and flooding. We never left Fishers Island Sound for the entire month. We bounced around between West Harbor, Ram Island, Stonington, and Napatree, two to four days on the boat and then home for a couple days and back on the water again. Geez!

First shakedown is always to West Harbor on Fishers Island.

A toast to finally getting out on the water!
It’s good to see the Captain relax for a change.
Nothing like a little reading in the cockpit.
And morning coffee in my Fishers Island mug. This mug is close to 20 years old and isn’t even sold anymore.

A few days later we drove (car, not boat) to Milford to see the Milford Duck Race, sponsored by United Way. I do like rubber duckies so why not see this in action? And see the grandchildren! Win-Win. It was a fun time and a cute way to raise funds for charities.

This duck was not rubber, but was endearing in a strange way. Caleb and Ceci thought he/she was cool.
Before the start of the race, you could have your photo taken sitting amongst the thousands of rubber ducks waiting for their chance to win the race.
The truck dumps the ducks into the river (top left). Everyone, if you get a good spot, can watch the ducks floating down. Two kayakers herded ducks back into the flow when they drifted to shore.
The finish line! A net and kayakers wait for the ducks and scoop them up. I wonder if they reuse the ducks each year? They are numbered so people can tell whose duck won.

A trip to Napatree with Mary Jo and Dean. Always a delight!

Toast to the 2023 season. Again. 😉
Evening sky
Napatree sunset

Later in June, Addie and Dad (Adam) joined us for a boat day. The winds were too strong to leave the dock so we tried hard to find ways to amuse her. It is always great to share the boat with family even when you stay tied to the dock.

Feeding the fish is the #1 favorite activity at Shenny for the kids, and perhaps for the grown-ups, too.
The stripers are bigger than ever this year. I wonder why?
Boat gymnastics.
Lunch and a trip to Dairy Queen for blizzards. YUM!
Addie tested Papa’s new back-up camera. Works great! Much better than the original old black and white one.
Addie’s boat drawing the next day. Yes, it’s a sailboat, not a trawler, but totally acceptable and terrific!

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