2 Houses and 1 Boat in 3 Days

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We had a whirlwind family weekend when my sister Lisa and her wife Jeanne visited us here in Connecticut on their way home from a trip to Hyde Park on the Hudson River. Due to covid and assorted other life stuff, they had not yet seen my sons’ (their nephews) new homes or our Kadey Krogen.

The first stop was at Adam and Steph’s in Canton.

They moved into this house during the first year of covid. It sits on 6 acres surrounded by woods, perfect for their lifestyle.
Addie wrote a “welcome” sign to greet her great aunts.
Family time around the kitchen island.
Addie demonstrates her new flip and somersault skills. This was one of those high 90 degree days so none of us had any desire to be outdoors.
So nice to be together and not visiting through FaceTime!

Day #2 and we were on the road in the other direction to visit Ryan and Kerri in their new house in Milford. They moved in 3 weeks ago after 20 years of life in a one-bedroom apartment in Forest Hills, NYC.

A perfect choice for this family’s lifestyle. They can walk to the train station and to the town green.
Caleb is patiently waiting for our arrival.
Caleb and Ceci take full advantage of having their own backyard and playround.
Family photo #2!

And Day #3 was for the boat; off to Shennecossett to see Kindred Spirit #4. It was another super hot day (how many days in a row for this heatwave???? At least 5!) so we left the dock and spent the afternoon in West Harbor where it was noticeably cooler.

Here’s a few of Jeanne’s photos from our little tour of our home waters.
Sister teamwork in the galley.
We rode back on the flybridge for a change of scene.

A great weekend from start to finish, on land and sea!

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  1. Ann Rafferty Brown

    Looks like a fun time was had by all..
    Thank you for sharing

    • Lynn Turner Fox

      Looks so fun. Nice houses for your kiddos! Glad to see Lisa again.

  2. Jeanne

    Awesome three days!! So wonderful to see everyone (and the boat!).

  3. Ellen Margel Seltzer

    What a great time you guys had…looks like so much fun…nice seeing all the pics of family…so happy for you!

  4. Gwynn

    Looks like a great time was had by all. I loved seeing pictures of your family!

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