Disappearing into the Fog

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Taking a boat to Maine has been on our bucket list for years. After the canceled trip to Quebec last year, we decided this was the summer to cross Maine off the list and get it done. Magnolia was coming north to escape the Chesapeake summer heat so we would cruse together again.

Before our departure there was one more time to see these three sweet faces. Caleb and Cecily with their cousin Addison. Going to miss them!

Both Krogens, Magnolia and Kindred Spirit left Shennecossett at 7 am on July 13th, an overcast and humid day, destination Cuttyhunk. The trip was very bouncy and uncomfortable all day. Stabilizers are great for minimizing side-to-side movement but not as effective against the ups and downs of 3-foot waves coming towards you.  I was grateful for the many handholds throughout the boat.

The conditions were iffy enough to have the radar up and spinning, just in case. Although overcast all day, there was decent visibility. We have been practicing with the radar, but more practice was probably going to be a good thing to get under our belts. Remember, we haven’t really put many hours on this boat yet.

To give a sense of the grayness of the day —

Magnolia ahead in view and on the chart plotter and radar.
Watch Hill passage

Not much was going on out on the water that day. This dreary Wednesday was not a top ten day for boating.

Fishing boats gotta fish.
Big fast boats gotta go fast.

After 8½ hours of up and down bouncing, we gratefully anchored in Cuttyhunk’s outer harbor for a calm night’s sleep. 

A lovely photo of Kindred Spirit anchored in Cuttyhunk, courtesy of Anthony. Thanks!

Wednesday, July 14th we departed for Onset at 10:00 am, and it was still foggy.

Following Magnolia out of Cuttyhunk. Can’t say that I was overly enthusiastic about the conditions.

It was a slow and foggy trip up Buzzards Bay as we watched the radar, chartplotter and the view for 3½ hours. No photos, nothing to see.

The channel into Onset Harbor is lined with nice big markers. The ospreys have chosen them for their homes.
Better visibility off to the portside to see the sailboats in a little cove.
And things look much brighter! Magnolia and Kindred Spirit anchored by Wickets Island in Onset.
Off the boats and dinghy into Onset!
The other side of Wickets Island
Dinner at Marc Anthony’s Pizzeria. Not a gourmet spot, but something to do. When I walked inside I remembered eating here 15 years ago, the last time we came this way.
A few doors down from the pizza joint is this – Nana’s. This Nana had to have her picture taken in front of Nana’s. Al and Anthony made a trash run after dinner just so they could have ice cream. Ice cream #1 of the trip. Will we keep count????
“Buzzards Bay Coalition” on the beach near the docks. It was starting to get gray again.

On Thursday morning we awoke to …. wait for it…… FOG. Dense FOG. My new F-word. And we aren’t even in Maine yet.

Flanked by Krogen 42s. Last night, another Kadey Krogen 42 anchored near us. In the morning I could just barely read it’s name with binoculars – Seascape. We have seen it in the past at Block Island and Cuttyhunk.

We needed to depart around 8 am to catch the best timing for the Cape Cod Canal. %&*#! Whaat!!! We really are leaving! And here I thought yesterday’s fog was bad.

Those birds on the rocks look ominous, don’t they? If you can see them.

We creeped out, slooowly following our track in from yesterday, watching the radar, and the 360 degree view all around.

Approaching the Bourne Bridge, Magnolia just ahead of us. You can just see how much fun this was.
And then there was sun. Yippee! Yeah!! This is so much better.
And it’s back again. That is Magnolia’s flybridge peaking out above the low lying fog.
And sun again. But it was just a tease. Fog, sun, fog, but mostly fog.

It was one of those days when the sun is shining down on your boat like a spotlight, but haze and fog surrounds you, reducing visibility to <1/4 mile.

Out of the Cape Cod Canal and into Cape Cod Bay.
At least the sea state was calm.
The Captain takes a moment out on the bow.

Thirty-six nautical miles and 5½ hours from Onset, we reached Scituate, our next stop.

Scituate breakwater. That guy was actually working out on the marker, using it as a gym.
Scituate Lighthouse. As you can see, it was still foggy.
We were taken to a mooring just off the Scituate Harbor Yacht Club sailing school dock.

It will be good to stay in one place for an extra day. Three days of overcast and thick fog are more tiring than the good days. What will tomorrow bring?

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