I’ll Never Fall Off Again……

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My sweet, loving Captain Al, best husband in the world, took on a project that would make my life easier and safer. After my fall from the swim platform last spring, the wheels in his head began to turn, unbeknownst to me at first.  He started muttering about “bars.”  Hmm….bars as in pubs? Ice cream bar? Candy bar? Shower curtain bar? Chin-up bar? There are a lot of possibilities! Al had decided we needed bars on the swim platform. Watching me tumble to the ground and break my back and then struggle and fail to get into the dinghy got his project juices flowing. It was obvious to him that bars on the platform would be a real asset, especially since both of us are not getting younger. These bars are officially called “staples”. Seems like an odd name to me, but there are lots of odd names for the parts of a boat. After researching the name, the reason was pretty simple – these bars are called “staples” because that’s what they look like. Ok……

Al showed me a photo of a Kadey Krogen 48 with three staples on the swim platform. Our Krogen is 39, so two staples will provide plenty of security.

Al began the planning phase of this project while the boat was still in the water.

The prototype was constructed of PVC piping and clamps. Al almost always begins with a “prototype.”
Measuring and planning. What size should they be? How wide, how tall, what diameter??? There were many discussions with Anthony on Magnolia via video chats on the phone. Anthony thought the staples were a great idea so these two two great minds put their heads together.

The project turned out to be more complex than anticipated. The guys were able to figure out just what they wanted and needed, but could not find a place to manufacture their custom bars. Al searched for a shop here in CT and Anthony searched in Maryland. Maryland won the contract over Connecticut!

John of East Port Rigging in Galesville, MD was the man for the job.

Once the bars were fabricated, our set was stored on Magnolia. It was now October, Kindred Spirit was out of the water and Magnolia was nestled in the Chesapeake Bay. Road trip! We met in New Jersey by car and made the transfer. It was a good excuse for a visit and an outdoor lunch. After the transfer, we returned home. Seven hours of driving on the road is nothing for a boat project. 🥴😜🙃

Kindred Spirit‘s staples stored in Magnolia’s cockpit.
The transfer is made in the parking lot, trunk to trunk, covid style.

With the finished bars now in hand, Al began work on the installation phase.

Using the bars and a template, Al began the measuring for the installation.
Measure twice, cut once! The holes are made and then the screw holes are drilled, filled with epoxy, and then drilled again for the screws that will hold the bars. The goal of “drill-fill-drill” is to have a through-hull hole that is drilled through solid epoxy. This is done so that none of the wood core is exposed and vulnerable to water.
First staple bar installed. Notice that ours has a cross bar for additional strength and a place to grab hold as the dinghy approaches the platform. Nice idea, Captain Al!
Installed and ready to grab! Too bad they weren’t there last spring.

Our swim platform really got a makeover! In addition to the staples, there is a new swim ladder. I enjoy swimming off the boat so a good ladder is critical. Although I was never able to get into the water last summer, Al tested the ladder and decided it should be replaced with a longer one.

Testing the swim ladder
A longer stainless steel ladder will make it much easier to get a leg up onto the rung and climb up the steps. Flat steps rather than rounded rungs are also easier on the foot.

Some women get flowers and candy, or fancy jewelry. To me, nothing says love like protecting the woman you love. I feel loved.

  1. Robert M Dyer

    Hello Alan & Michele and hope your both doing well

    Really like your new extended rain spout project. I have been thinking of 3-printing some in a Nylon 12 for good toughness so I do not break them off cleaning the boat..

    If you are interested in sharing a part to reverse engineer, I would supply you with a 3-D parts ?

    Thanks again… Bob Dyer

    Lady Grace 3948

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