“Watsonizing – The Galley Needs Just A Few Things……

When Al is watsonizing, the boat develops it’s “winter look” as I call it. That’s a nicer phrase than calling it a total mess. Most of these galley photos were taken during the winter so please excuse any visible mess.

I guess you have to excuse the mess when the final outcome is so good…..

The galley on the Kadey Krogen was one of the features that sold me on a new “last” boat. The Mariner’s galley was ok after Al made significant modifications for me, but it was never easy to work in (although I will miss that Engel freezer built in under the counter…..) The KK39’s galley is very, very nice. Even so, I requested a few minor changes.  My turn!

Although there is certainly plenty of storage for galley equipment, I always worry about pantry storage – all of the nonperishables that need a home. Sometimes I think I still provision with a long term cruising eye which is a bit silly now. On both the Morgan and the Mariner, Al created amazing pantry storage. After studying the KK39’s galley we made a decision. There was an icemaker to the right of the sink under the counter. We have never had an icemaker and do not feel that we need one. I’m a pretty good ice maker myself, given a tray and a freezer.  We decided pull-out shelves would work nicely in that space. 

The ice maker — that looked like a lot of potential pantry storage to me!
To figure out the height between the shelves, Al tried this. I gave him a few items of varying heights to figure out the spacing and number of shelves that could fit. Once we knew how many shelves would fit, we went back to IKEA to get what we needed.

Back to IKEA……..The model kitchens there have a multitude of shelving options which can be purchased as separate components. Amazed, we found  pull-out shelves that were just the right width!

Under construction – measuring and testing, building.
Job completed! Can’t wait to decide what goes where……… It will be a nice problem to solve.

Where does the trash bin reside in the galley ??? That’s always been an issue for us on every boat. We don’t want a trash can out in the open and susceptible to flying about, getting knocked over, or just in the way. On the Morgan, the trash bin fit under the stairs down from the cockpit. Al was very creative on the Mariner and cut a tilt-out opening in the side of the galley where a plastic bin fit under the sink.

The Mariner’s galley waste bin – closed and open. It worked very well.

On our Krogen there seemed to be plenty of space under the sink for the trash can – out of sight and accessible. We often (pre-covid 19  days) wandered around IKEA for ideas. IKEA is a great place for inexpensive solutions for boats as well as houses. We discovered a close-out sale on a pull-out trash bin. Checking the KK39 measurements that I always kept with me, it sure looked like it would fit. It came with one large bin or two smaller ones.  We don’t know which will work better for us yet, but it’s nice to have options!

Seems to be plenty of space under the sink. Notice that the sink drain has been removed. While under there, Al brushed against the trap and rust and water dropped out. Lucky moment – it didn’t happen no the trip home form Virginia and he discovered it before this season began.
The new pull-out trash bin.

There is plenty of overhead cupboard space. I’m glad that I am average height because reaching up there is a stretch even for me. How do petite Admirals manage this?? I keep a small folding stool handy, just in case.

We only carry place settings for six. If there are more than 6 guests, pull out the paper plates! When I placed all of the dishes in the cabinet, there was a lot of empty space above the dishes. Stacking all the assorted sizes of plates on top of each other would be harder for access. I found a shelf organizer that would fit inside.

A simple shelf organizer utilizes the space better.
This nifty rack holds water bottles and thermal coffee cups. When these were standing upright they always tipped over in even mild seas.
A small lazy susan fits fits in the sliding door storage on the opposite of the galley. I think that small spice jars will fit there.

Although it wasn’t necessary, I wanted a new higher faucet that pulls out and changes to a sprayer. After searching in the home improvement stores and online, we decided we liked the one we have in the house the best and just got another.

Al added two little LED “puck lights” over the sink, one over the stove, and one over the far corner. You can never have too much light when cooking.
To the left of the new faucet is a smaller faucet for the filtered water system that Al installed under the sink. We use that for drinking and cooking water.
A shiny new plastic drain trap has been installed. To the right you can see the water filter system also.
We replaced and moved the paper towel holder to the right of the stove, closer to the sink. I was surprised how difficult it was to find a holder that we liked. (And it wasn’t at IKEA!)
After debating the pros and cons, we decided to mount this small magnetic knife rack beside the refrigerator and below the microwave. It feels very strong so we hope this will be safe.

Al installed a fan in the galley on the Mariner because there was no opening port near the stove/oven. The Krogen has a nice round opening port over the stove top but Al decided I still needed a fan. Makes you wonder how much I complain, doesn’t it? It took a bit of McGyvering to get this fan in just the right position so that it will function well and allow the port to open and close.

Fan up and out of the way, and fan down and ready to cool.

In the corner, next to the oven is a lift-up top to access what we call the deep storage.

The space is very deep! Al added a shelf that can be lifted in two parts. For now the paper towels are tucked away in there. I think I may have to move the pots and pans from under the oven into this upper space for easier access. Things we don’t need often will go down in the bottom level.

I had the opportunity to work in the galley when we brought the boat home from Virginia last October. I was thrilled with it then and now it is even better. I do think it will take some time to figure out how best to utilize the space. I will probably spend at least the first year changing things around.

Photos of the full galley will have to wait until we are in the water!

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