It’s Now or Later?

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In a matter of nine days from “first view” to “she’s ours,” we owned a Kadey Krogen 39, the boat of Al’s dreams. That presented a new dilemma that we had been discussing since this acquisition was only an idea. It was mid-October and The Edge was in Virginia, just north of the Rappahannock River on the Chesapeake Bay. Thinking that the process of purchasing the boat would take longer, the first option was to leave her in Virginia for the winter and bring her north in the early spring, or bring her farther north in the Chesapeake so that the drive and later delivery would be shorter. But everything fell into place so quickly, the options soon became, ok, let’s bring The Edge to her new home in Connecticut as soon as we can. I wasn’t crazy about making this trip in late October so we also considered finding one or two volunteers to make the delivery with Al. That gets complicated, coordinating all parties and potential locations. After a sleepless night, I announced that I was going to go. It’s my boat, too. 

One week after we returned from the Kadey Krogen Rendezvous and The Edge’s survey, we were on our way back in a rented car filled with things for the trip home.

We left home at 4:30 am, thinking that we would avoid traffic around New York City. The city that never sleeps, never sleeps, evidently. There were so many trucks on the highway that it felt like mid-morning rush hour. 

So many trucks

I have issues with Facebook and would drop it in an instant if it were not for staying connected with cruising friends, my weaving groups, and lymphedema groups. But on this long drive we learned through Facebook that Sally and Ted, who also live in Connecticut, were on the New Jersey Turnpike heading to Virginia for their return to Amici. We were only about 10 minutes ahead of them so we all met at the Molly Pitcher rest stop for a quick hello!

Sally, Ted, Al and me. Could not have planned this if we tried!
During the drive south, Annette invited me into the “Kadey Ladies” Facebook group. I now have another good reason to put up with Facebook. 🙂 Thank you all for your warm welcome!

We arrived in Kilmarnock about 2 pm and stopped for ice cream at The Front Porch which has become our favorite coffee and ice cream shop in the town. We needed quick energy for unloading the boat!

The Front Porch – really good coffee and ice cream. Very friendly, too!

Although we really tried to only bring things that were needed for this trip home, it’s a lot more “stuff” than you think.

Load after load…….. 5 in all.

After all of that and a couple hours spent trying to put things away, we headed to the grocery store for perishable items to add to the frozen meals that I had already, ending the looooong day with a well-deserved dinner at a local bar, The Dub Shack.

Finally had crab cakes while in the Chesapeake Bay.

I reread the blog posts from five years ago when we first brought the Mariner Orient home to Connecticut. Similarity — Both boats are trawlers from the Chesapeake Bay region. Differences – we are 5 years older and the temperatures are going to be a bit cooler than in August.

Reading the old blog post reminded me that we needed our good luck pieces – one of our boating teddy bears and our “black box”.
Tried out my new oven by making our favorite Pillsbury cinnamon buns. Yes, I know it isn’t really baking or cooking, but I have to start somewhere.

Today was another busy day spent here at Chesapeake Boat Basin. After last minute errands, returning the rental car, we turned the boat around with lines so that she faces outward for an easier departure in the morning. A few hours were spent testing each system and starting to familiarize ourselves with them.

Look at this! My loom fits in this drawer under the settee!!

I must say this – Billy and Becky are the nicest people! This is the first time we have ever bought a boat and met the owners, let alone be able to call them new friends. Not only have the been gracious and helpful, but they sent these goodies along to us.

Special treats from the Edges. Thank you, Billy and Becky!

So it’s finally NOW, not LATER. Tomorrow is departure day. We are as ready as we can be and only ask that Mother Nature looks kindly upon us.

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  1. Mary A. Gaidelis

    Congratulations on your new KK. 39 🙂 Love your blog 🙂 It brings memories of our trip from New York to RI. in August to bring our new Kadey Krogen 39 to it’s new home. I hope you enjoy your trip, and new boat as much as we did/ do 🙂 We both have a Beautiful trawler!

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