Boating with My “Babies”

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This year my birthday eve included cataract surgery combined with a suddenly dysfunctional refrigerator in the house. The cataract surgery went fine but living out of coolers and searching for a new refrigerator under pressure was not that much fun. To improve my mood Al took me out to dinner and to the movies to see Downton Abbey. THAT was fun.

The bigger celebration was delayed until the weekend. A boating day with my sons and their families.  We rarely, if ever, have the opportunity to take the kids out on the boat. But when it is Nana’s birthday, everyone steps up to make her day special. 😉

It was a day of wonderful pandemonium!!

Shennecossett Yacht Club added a playscape to the grounds this year. All I can say is — “THANK YOU!!!!” It was perfect for these three cousins, aged 5, 3, and 2.75 years.

Addie shows Nana how she can pump her legs to make the swing go.
Climbing, swinging and sliding, oh my!

We were here for a boating day, so off to Kindred Spirit we went for a ride over to New London. It wasn’t the best weather, but at least it was not raining. Before the day became overcast and windy, we had a little sunshine for our ride.

Cousins Ceci and Addie
Stephanie and Addison with Kerri and Cecily.
Nana and Ceci, Steph, Addie, and Adam.
Ryan and Caleb
The ships in New London were decked out for the weekend.

After we anchored, Papa took the cousins out for a dinghy ride, with assistance from Adam.

A fast and furious ride?
Everyone looks pretty happy!

The flybridge was another favorite spot.

Uncle Adam with Ceci and Caleb.
Addie sporting one of her amazing smiles.
Ceci sitting on her Daddy’s lap.
Caleb, the climbing monkey practiced his skills. Future deck hand??

Even the inside of the boat was fascinating to these three.

Jumping on and off the master berth was fun, but here is one “still” moment.
Lookouts everywhere.

On the return trip, Captain Papa and Caleb at the helm.

Papa gave 5-year-old Caleb a chance to pilot the boat. Caleb took the task very seriously.

Back at the club for a picnic dinner. And more playtime, of course.

The Dads/Uncles play soccer with the kids. Where do they get the energy??
Back to the playscape – A 3-cousin slide!
A very happy Nana with her three precious grandkids.

  1. Susie Marshall

    What a perfect way to celebrate your birthday. Looks like everyone had a great time.

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