PJ to PW and a Family Visit

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Another morning of fog, but lighter on this day.

The fog was low and close to the water so we had high hopes that the day would be pretty good.
The sailboats were covered in just a thin wisp of the fog.
WE left at low tide and headed back out to Long Island Sound towards Port Washington. About 36 nautical miles.
All right now! This is what we’re talking about! Some blue sky and nice calm water.
Al is sporting his new sun hat.
Caumsett State Park Historic Preserve
Saturday morning sailing races in in Lloyd Harbor on Oyster Bay, I think)
Uh oh…… A pop-up shower and a very heavy one just before we reached the entrance to Manhassat Bay. We slowed down to give it time to pass. Who wants to pick up a mooring in the pouring rain if you can avoid it?

We have stopped in Port Washington four times in the past on our way south and north. It is one of the best cruising stops around – free town moorings, Stop & Shop and Home Goods across from a nice dinghy dock, a pump out boat, and really good ice cream! Just about perfect.

The town dinghy dock and docks lining the harbor.
The day had turned HOT and HUMID, but we had to stretch our legs which brought us to an ice cream shop – Douglas & James Homemade Ice Cream. Yum.
A lovely triangular flower garden at the edge of the dock, complete with a view of Kindred Spirit.

On the last big trip south, we took a walk along a park that lines the harbor, “Bay Walk Nautical Art Museum” showcasing outdoor art work. On this visit there was only one attraction for me – a family visit!! My son and his family live in Forest Hills just a 30-minute drive to Port Washington. This is the first time our schedules coincided for a visit. Yippee!!

Wouldn’t you know that June 3rd would be the Port Washington HarborFest?? I was a little worried about parking since the town dock area closed for tents and activities.

The view from our boat and the street.

Fortunately, Port Washington had created a new little park across from the shopping center. New docks complete with ramps for kayaks.

Bay Walk Park, North – benches, shade, and an outdoor charging station. That was a first! But best of all there was a parking space for out visitors!

It was a chilly day that became much warmer, and we had a great visit. 🙂 It’s best told with photos ——

At the dinghy dock, we took our obligatory group-selfie. Please note that we are all wearing our PFDs. Wanted to set a good example for the little ones.
Off we go out to Kindred Spirit.
Caleb was the first to spot this little sailboat at the dock. It certainly got his attention with the bow graphics. Al and I took note of the damage on the side (from sharks??)
4-year old Caleb and 18-month old Cecily
A trip to the flybridge where Caleb pretend to captain the boat. Ceci’s thoughts? “I can’t believe they are letting my brother drive this thing!”
Papa and Caleb try their hand at pretend fishing, too.
Ceci was confined indoors for safety reasons, but she pretended to be “a lookout.”
Caleb was curious about where the handles on floor, so naturally Papa took him down into the engine room. Caleb later said that was one of his favorite things.
Enjoying the dinghy (“Can we go faster?”) with his buddy, “Fig.”
Ceci could spot a bird in the air or a dog on a boat in an instant. She showed her excitement by physically jumping up and down and pointing. She really would be a good look out.

It was an awesome day, and my heart is still warm from it.

Monday is the day we planned to travel down he East River to meet the Bakers on Magnolia in the Statue of Liberty anchorage. Weather is giving us concerns, so we have back-up plans.

Plan A: East River in the early morning to reach Hell Gate at slack tide.
Plan B: In case of rain and predicted high winds, leave Tuesday morning, Magnolia from Staten Island and Kindred Spirit from Port Washington, and heading all the way to Croton-on-Hudson, by-passing Lady Liberty.
Plan C: If the weather improves on Monday, leave Port Washington after lunch and catch the later slack tide at Hell Gate to anchor behind Liberty Island for the night. Magnolia will catch up with us on Tuesday.

Which plan will it be????

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