A Block Island Fourth of July

Still trying to catch up…………

Our summer was destined to be one of mostly short trips. Al’s six immunotherapy treatments began on June 23rd and continued through July 28th, every Friday. By Sunday of each week he was ready to get going so we squeezed in trips to Watch Hill and Block Island between medical appointments and other commitments.

Here we are, ready for summer boating and what do we get in late June??? HAIL!

We never intended to go to Block Island, for July 4th. Been here, done that, and no longer wanted to be part of that crazy happening.  The anchorage is insane and moorings are hard to come by during a holiday. But…………..Mary Jo and Dean said “come on over…..raft with us”   Well……OK! They really didn’t have to work very hard to convince us. So much for our aversion to a Block Island 4th.

There were boats EVERYTHWERE, but these photos couldn’t capture it all.

In contrast to the photos above, is this one below. Our friend snapped this from her boat in the mooring field. There we are, rafted to Jallao in the front row just off Champlins dock (plenty of loud music). You would never guess it is the same place. It looks so peaceful. I guess it is all about one’s perspective and angle. 😉

Jallao and Kindred Spirit rafted in Block Island

July 3rd was a day for the outdoors, especially on the water. Al got his clamming license ($10 for the season for senior citizens on the Block.) Such a deal!

Riding out to the clamming area by dinghy, towing the kayaks so that MJ and I could also have some fun.
The best clamming is always in the deepest water you can handle. That means different depths for different people, depending on one’s height. It gives Al a real advantage.
You could say that Dean is up to his neck in clams. For Dean, that makes him happy as a clam.
MJ and I hitch a ride to cross to the other side of the channel for more kayaking.
Chef Dean creates his famous clam linguine for dinner. Yum!
Clam diggers and conch horn aficionados. What talented guys!! Al and Dean announce the setting sun.

If you go to Block for the Fourth of July, you might as well go all in. So we did.

We donned our patriotic apparel and dinghied around for a bit. Happy 4th!

If you are there on the Block, you also have to go to the parade. My memories of past parades were of a somewhat alcohol-infused strut, but I am pleased to say that Block has cleaned that image up. The parade was a nice small town event with lots of participation. And not too long.

Sitting in front of Dead Eye Dick’s, we had a good view of the holiday attire.
The little ones were the best dressed.

Here are the obligatory pics of the parade —

The parade begins with the grand marshal strutting. The theme for the parade was “Block island Memories.”
Plenty of flag waving!
Family floats with assorted themes.
Floats representing Block Island businesses – Killer Donuts, The Oceanview, Yellow Kittens, Block Island Fitness.
These “lemonade stands” were just too darn cute.

Here is the bottom line for our BI 4th — I didn’t want to go and I am really glad we did.

The sun sets on a fine Block Island Fourth of July celebration.






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