Before the Summer

Here it is September, and I am writing a blog titled “Before the Summer.” Without a doubt, I am lagging behind. A strong urge to overcome my blog procrastination has finally compelled me to get this done before the time lag becomes truly ridiculous.  But first, there are gaps I am compelled to fill in because I’m a sequential person. 😉 So here is a flashback blog to fill in those gaps from February to June.

There are always boat projects. Endless boat projects. Some are necessary and some are hey, why not? A quick review of Al’s efforts —

The dinghy spent some significant time in our basement while Al fitted her with a new outfit – the chaps. A New England snowfall was a perfect way to move the dinghy form the basement back up to the garage. It was a one- way trip. No sledding with the dinghy.

The construction of the chaps was part of an earlier blog (“FALLing into Winter”) but here is a photo of the finished chaps. They look amazing. What a great job Al did!

Using the leftover fabric from the chaps, Al made a stowing “envelope” for the inflatable PFDs. You can also see it in the dinghy picture right beside him, secured to the side with snaps.

The flybridge helm seat got a new outfit, too.

Once he gets sewing he finds it hard to stop. Here are the flybridge curtains.

Our AIS became cranky again and had to be sent back to Great Britain for a tune-up. When it returned, Al wanted to check it out — See below. 😉

Al is in the car in the garage, using the car’s battery to power up both the AIS and the chart plotter to make sure they work together again.

The flybridge drips down onto the back curtains that AL made for the aft cockpit. This has always irritated him. He found this “drip guard” and installed one on each corner to divert the water farther away. It works most of the time.

Al used the garage for some painting projects. The rear door is now white and the helm side door will probably be done over the next winter. The boom on the little mast got a facelift as well. The mast will get one ……next winter.

Winter is a good time to get back into weaving. I made wool rugs for the cabins in the boat, and bought way too much cotton yarn on sale. Now that I have a mini-yarn shop in the house, I will be weaving dish towels for a long time. Weaving is also one reason why there have been no blogs for awhile. Can’t weave and blog at the same time. Yet.

Supplying Al (and “my boys”) with chocolate chip cookies is almost a full-time job. Probably bake a double batch every 2-3 weeks.

While Al was off with Colin on Tortuga in March, I had another round of “Complete Decongestive Therapy” for my lymphedema. It’s not a cure, but it helps to maintain it and delay the progression. CDT, from, is usually 2-3 weeks of daily wrapping in 7 layers of special bandages which stay on 23/7. It’s quite a charming fashion statement, isn’t it? Wash day fills the laundry room!

There was enough snowfall this winter to have some fun. When you have grandchildren, snow can be fun again, if you ignore the aches and pains afterwards!

I really did go sledding with Caleb. Sledding and hot cocoa makes you feel like a kid again.

Kerri (Mommy) with little Cecily who was far too young to sled.
Ryan (Daddy) with Caleb riding on top, which he seemed to enjoy more than sledding.

The Delaware grandkids came for a visit during one snowfall. Papa took Aaron and Ella just outside our house to sled down into the retention basin.

After sledding, Ella and Aaron made their favorite food —  pizza with LOTS of black olives.

We all went to Pennsylvania in April for my father’s memorial service. Weddings and funerals are the times when families gather. Although it was sad, I know that my Dad would be happy to know we were all together for him.

My mother enjoys holding her two great-granddaughters, Addison and Cecily, cousins.

My sister, Lisa, and me in the hammock with Addison and Caleb. My daughters-in-law, Kerri and Stephanie, with their little ones, Caleb, Cecily, and Addison.

Caleb entertains us all, and exhausts us!

April was birthday time for Ella who turned four. By June, she also became a big sister to Alivia. Welcome!

We met Alivia in person in July. Somehow I caught this photo of all three with big smiles, wearing the new shirts we brought. Ella (4 yrs old), Alivia, 1 month old), and Aaron (7 1/2 yrs old.)

Addison’s first birthday in June brought these three cousins (monkeys?) together. I tried a photo, but it was like, well, I am sure you can imagine.
Addison (1 yr old), Caleb (3 yrs old) and Cecily 7 months.)

Back to the boating scene – Shennecossett and Kindred Spirit weren’t quite ready when this photo was taken, but the season was quickly approaching!










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