It’s SO Hard to Say Goodbye, Really Hard

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The last two days of February were rainy ones, especially the 28th. I was the “weather maven” as Will now calls me, for those two days. I really had fun doing the weather on the Cruisers Net. If we weren’t leaving Hope Town the next day, I might have been able to turn it into a regular gig!

The rain sounded, and felt, like tears falling from the sky to echo the tears I felt building inside of me. Our departure date was Saturday, March 1st, a little earlier than expected because of the weather. It’s always about the weather when you are on a boat. It looked like there would be a good window from Saturday through Tuesday; if we miss this one we might have to delay for longer than we should. The original (way back in summer 2013) plan was to leave mid-March, but things change (and that will be another story.) Our 90-day Bahamas permit ends next week, so all the signs are pointing to home.

We spent Friday evening saying good by to many of our new, but now very dear and close friends, at Wine Down Sip Sip. As we left Hope Town Harbor, we circled around the moorings waving good by once again as friends waved to us. There were more than a few tears shed. We listened to the Cruisers Net one more time as we sailed pass Man-O-War Cay. I guess we will have to listen to the audio files on Barometer Bob when we get back home, just for the memory of our morning routines in the Abaco. Somehow, I don’t think the tv network news will ever be as special to us as the Abaco Cruisers’ Net.

The memories of our 12 weeks in the Abacos are filled with beautiful images that can even bring back the sounds, tastes, smells and touch of these wonderful, wonderful months. Whenever we miss it all, we will have this blog (and over 4000 photos on my macbook) to revisit our “big adventure.”  Just a few to remind us of this beauty —

Hope Town Harbor docks
Elbow Cay Lighthouse, the "candy-striped lighthouse"

But in the end, it is all about the people you meet. There are no words that I can write to describe that part of the journey, especially here in Hope Town. People on boats, people in homes, people in the shops and businesses. These are our very best memories.

To each and every one of you – thank you for embracing us in your lives and making every moment special. We love you!

Our Hope Town friends
Some of our Hope Town friends. I wish I had a photo of everyone we met.

We send an extra-special thanks to Dan and Marcia, “acquaintances” from home who have now become dear friends. See you back at Shenny!

Dan and Marcia, Cutting Class
Dan and Marcia, Cutting Class

Hope Town, Abacos, Bahamas  — the right place at the right time.

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