Cape May to Cape Henlopen

We have been quiet lately because that magical little Jetpack hotspot device gave up the ghost and could not be resuscitated. After several hours on the phone with Millenicom (everyone was very patient and very nice), they said they would send a new one to us. Send? Send? Send to where/who??? We are on a boat and have no address right now! Fortunately, our daughter, Alicia lives in Delaware and we had already planned to visit together on Sunday when we get up that way. Whoa – that would be nearly 6 days without our connection to the www.  Hmmm, is this a sign of addiction??  We lucked out – we just anchored inside of Cape Henlopen and “borrowed” a wifi connection with Al’s booster antenna. 🙂  Yeah!!

Charming Victorian homes with blooming flowers everywhere.

We spent Tuesday exploring Cape May, the oldest seashore resort. We walked around the historic district.

We ate lunch overlooking the beaches. It was a perfectly beautiful day.

Cape May beaches
Cape May beaches

It was actually very nice to be anchored near the Coast Guard station. We were able to watch the “Coasties”  perform their duties, hear revelry and taps, and even hear the Star Spangled Banner this morning as the flag was flown at half mast for the tragedy that occurred Monday at the Navy yard.  The names of the larger CG vessels at dock near us were “Dependable” and “Vigorous.” There is something very comforting in those names and their presence.

Dependable and Vigorous, int he daylight and at night
Dependable and Vigorous, in the daylight and at night

Wednesday evening we celebrated my birthday with a belated dinner at The Lobster House right on the harbor — definitely worth the wait! We dinghied to the inner harbor and tied up to the dock at the Schooner bar. Ok – it is cool to go out to dinner by boat.

~Birthday dinner at The Lobster House in Cape May
~The Schooner American for drinks first

The full Harvest moon was a beautiful sight as we returned to Kindred Spirit, resting quietly at anchor.

Cape May Harbor - a sunset and a full moon, and Kindred Spirit.
Cape May Harbor – a sunset and a full moon, and Kindred Spirit.

We planned to stay another day in Cape May and go to the beach, but after reviewing charts and currents again at breakfast, we impulsively decided it would be better to travel over to Cape Henlopen, Delaware. That will make the trip up the Delaware Bay to the Chesapeake & Delaware Canal a little easier on Friday.

Cape May Light - saying good bye to Cape May... until the spring
Cape May Light – saying good bye to Cape May… until the spring
~The outer lighthouse entering Harbor of Refuge ~The inner lighthouse entering the Breakwater Harbor

So we traveled the 16 miles in 3 hours, struggling against a current and no wind to assist. But we are in a better position to head up the Bay in the morning. We passed tow lighthouses as we entered Cape Henlopen through two breakwaters. I just finished reading  The Light Between Two Oceans, a novel about an Australian lighthouse and its keeper. I recommend it; sad but a good read.
Another beautiful day so as soon as we anchored, we dinghied over to take a walk on the beach to the point at the end of Cape Henlopen. Felt good!! Our beach finds were not exceptional, but they are still special Nice wampun.

Beach finds on Cape Henlopen
Beach finds on Cape Henlopen

Tomorrow we leave for the trip up the Delaware Bay to the C&D Canal….. at 4:30 am to catch the current.

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  1. Jeanne

    Pictures are wonderful. What a great memento these will be when the adventure is done!

  2. Colleen Murphy

    We vacation every year in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware and have taken a day trip by way of ferry to Cape May. It is a very nice town. You are going to have quite the scrapbook when this trip is completed!!

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