Cast off those dock lines

Us before we goWe did it! Kindred Spirit left Shennecossett Yacht Club on September 12, 2013 at 9:30 am, my 61st birthday. Our friends, Mary Jo and Dean took photos of the event – photos that  I will treasure forever. A big thanks to all of my friends and family who also texted, telephoned, and emailed birthday wishes to me. This is certainly the most unusual birthday of my life!


And there we go!

Pulling away from the dock

Pulling away from the dock

Passing by Ledge Light, New London Harbor, with our sail reefed.

It took us 9.2  hours to cover the 52 miles to Port Jefferson, New York. The winds were 20+ knots and not in the most ideal direction. Our speed varied from only 4 knots for the first couple of hours to 7-8 knots when we caught the current. We took more water over the bow in those hours than in many years combined. Fortunately, we were able to skirt the fringe of the thunderstorm and rain line. Kindred Spirit handled the rough ride very well, better than the Admiral (me) did!

This is what most of the trip looked like.

This is what most of the trip looked like.

We haven’t been to Port Jefferson in almost 20 years. It is pretty quiet on a Thursday in September.

Sights of Port Jeff - ~ empty mooring field ~PJ Ferry PT Barnum

Sights of Port Jeff –
~ PJ Ferry PT Barnum
~empty mooring field

Our first day ended with birthday brownies and red wine.

b-day brownies

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