SYC Dock Races

SYC (Shennecossett Yacht Club) held it first “Dock Races” on July 13th. The day was typical of our recent weather, changing from moment to moment – cloudy, sun, downpour, humid always. Fortunately, the downpour waited until after the racing was finished and we were all under the tent, eating.

Each dock had teams of two-person crews, a sail boater and a power boater. This sounded like a great way to bring rag baggers and stink pots together for some fun. Al and Dean, already a “hybrid” friendship, signed up for D Dock. The race was run as a relay with two boats from each dock with staggered starts. Each boat was individually timed to determine the winner. The course was short and the whole race lasted only 20 minutes! 🙂 The crews and spectators had such a good time that everyone voted to have a longer course for next year and to encourage more participation (especially the power boaters!) After the race, we all gathered for food, race analysis (even a short race has to be analyzed!) and conversations.

The D Dock team of Al and Dean, along with Joe and Rick, came in second. Not bad, guys!

Our Dock – D
The Crew - Dean (power) and Al (sail)
The Crew – Dean (power) and Al (sail)
And off they go
And off they go
Boats passing (The other boat, “Doug”, was the winning boat, skippered by Bijan.)
Back at the dock
SYC Dock Races - food
After any race, there has to be food, drink, and socializing!

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